2019 Update On Adonis Stevenson

01/26/2019 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Media Statement Regarding Boxing Champion Adonis Stevenson From Girlfriend Simone “Sisi” God: As the first month of 2019 slowly comes to a close, I’d like to share an update on the health of our beloved boxing champion Adonis Stevenson.

Last month, I disclosed that Adonis had woken up and was healing from his injury in the private company of his family and his dedicated medical team. Today, I am happy to share that after months of grueling workouts and physical therapy, Adonis has taken his first few steps, and is working towards walking independently.

Despite his champion health, these improvements to his condition have not come easy. Adonis has pushed himself as the true champion that he is, incorporating courage and determination into his recovery. It has been a true gift to watch his health improve and we are grateful for every advancement he has made. Adonis is a world champion in the ring and continues to exhibit strength and perseverance in his rehabilitation.

Additionally, I am happy to share that Adonis is beginning to verbally communicate and is able to speak to our family, friends and his medical team. At this time, I am confident that our Superman will make a full recovery.

On behalf of Adonis and our family, I thank you once again for your messages and ongoing support. We are truly humbled by your love and well wishes.


On behalf of Adonis and our family, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has taken the time to reach out, send prayers and post about Adonis’ injury. We are so grateful for the outpour of messages, gifts and support that have come our way.

Superman is a world champion and has demonstrated his strength in facing every obstacle he has ever faced. He is a legend in the eyes of his fans, and a man that demonstrates to his family daily that inner strength and love can change and redeem even the greatest of hardships.

Despite recent reports being leaked to media, I wanted to clarify that Adonis is awake. He is healing from his injury in the private company of his family and his dedicated medical team. Adonis is a world champion in the ring and is exhibiting that same grit, strength and determination in his recovery.

Adonis and our family are so thankful to you all for your love and support and respectfully ask to continue to grant Adonis and our family privacy as he heals from this accident. With the holidays here, Adonis is spending time enjoying music and spending time with Adonia and his family and sends his love and appreciation to you all.

While our Superman Adonis recovers, I’ll be stepping in to deal with all business related to Adonis as the Superwoman he always tells me I am.

We are truly blessed by God and all of you for your support.


Stevenson Adonis (born 22 September 1977), professionally known as Adonis Stevenson, is a Haitian Canadian boxing champion. He has held the WBC and lineal light-heavyweight titles since 2013, and is a former light-heavyweight title holder for the Ring magazine from 2013 to 2015. As the 8th longest reigning WBC light-heavyweight champion, Stevenson was one of the last fighters trained by Emanuel Steward before his passing. Stevenson brings his enthusiasm and passion outside of the ring for a diverse range of business ventures, including fashion & real estate. He is joined in business and in life by his girlfriend, Simone “Sisi” God. They have engaged in a mutual love of fashion and have launched an exclusive line of luxury furs together. Stevenson & Sisi will welcomed their first child this fall, happily making Stevenson a father of five.