Crawford vs. Spence: Promoters to blame for fight not happening says Amir Khan

Amir Khan is blaming the Errol Spence Jr vs. Terence Crawford fight not happening because the promoters supposedly not wanting it to happen. Khan isn’t saying one promoter or if it’s both that are holding the Crawford-Spence clash from going down.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has seemed eager to put the fight together because he has every reason to want it to happen now. With Crawford’s contract with Top Rank about to expire in October, this might be Arum’s last chance to put a big-money fight together before Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) leaves the company.

With that said, there are some people who believe that Arum intentionally kept Crawford away from Spence and other dangerous opponents to make sure wouldn’t get beaten during his 13-year career.

There are many supporters of this theory based on the fact that the best guy ‘Bud’ Crawford has fought during his career is Viktor Postol. The question some boxing fans have about Crawford is how was he able to drift through a 13-year career without fighting anyone dangerous.

“I would like to see that fight, who will come out the winner, who would come out the better,” said Khan to iFL TV on the Spence vs. Crawford fight.

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The fans want to see Crawford and Spence battle it out before it’s too late, but it’s not looking good right now. Spence wants a 60-40 split, whereas Crawford is fed up with the whole idea of making the fight happen.

Crawford is hoping Top Rank can set him up with a fight against Manny Pacquiao next, but if not, he’s fine with continuing to make defenses of his WBO welterweight belt.

Some fans believe Spence is the real culprit behind the Crawford fight happening, as he’s not shown the same sense of urgency to get it done as he did for other less-threatening opponents.

Could it be that Spence is afraid to fight Crawford because of his slick boxing skills, counter-punching ability, and southpaw stance? It’s entirely possible, but we can’t know for sure.

“I am surprised it’s not being made. I am sure there will be a lot of money on the table and some country will pick the fight to host it,” Khan said about the Spence – Crawford clash.

“I see that they met each other, they spoke to each other but seems that promoters don’t want it to happen. I don’t know why,” said Khan of the Crawford vs. Spence bout.

If you’re a promoter of Spence and Crawford, it’s not a good thing if one of them loses. The fans will be less interested in seeing them fight if one gets beaten, so it makes sense for the promoters to keep them apart.


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