WBC World Invitational Tournament Semi-Final Matchup Video Previews and Camp Notes!

Chris Van Heerden
26-2-1 (12 KOs) – #2 seed representing S. Africa

How do you explain a devout Christian who’s chosen career is a sport that requires you to physically harm your opponent? What can you say about a South African born fighter who prefers to train at a gym in Los Angeles that caters to a celebrity workout crowd? Well if there’s anything certain about Chris Van Heerden it is that he’s one of boxing’s most unique and passionate characters and he’s completely focused on winning the tournament and getting a shot at the WBC welterweight world title.


Boxing tournaments are clearly the way to go!

Chris van Heerden - Chris van Heerden

Evander Holyfield’s co-promoted Eight-Man welterweight tourney set to begin in April

With the enormous success of the ongoing WBSS tournaments that are still to be decided at both cruiserweight and at super-middleweight (with more planned for the future, at additional weight classes) it’s clear many people feel tournaments are the way to go – that they are the future of this great sport even.


Jose Sulaiman Tournament Participants Announced

Eight World Class Fighters in the welterweight division have been chosen for the inaugural ‘Jose Sulaiman World Invitational’ presented by Evander Holyfield’s The Real Deal Boxing in association with the World Boxing Council. The first round of the single elimination tournament will take place on Friday, April 27 at a location to be announced.