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What’s Behind Pacquiao’s Decision to Drop Lawsuit

By Paul Strauss: The latest news release reveals Manny Pacquiao is dropping his defamation lawsuit against the Mayweathers in exchange for an undisclosed settlement. In addition, the Mayweathers have to endure some humiliation by releasing a statement explaining they never intended to imply Manny used PEDs, and none of their previous comments should in any way be construed as such. Talk about foul tasting!

Don’t you find it interesting this is coming soon after a judge ordered Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to pay Manny’s legal fees? The judge apparently felt Floyd failed to cooperate. Floyd’s reason or alibi’s given for failing to appear on prescribed dates for depositions were not acceptable. Another way of looking at it is Floyd was refusing to comply with his legal obligation to be deposed. At least that’s the way the judge looked at it. The possibly of giving testimony under oath was obviously not something Floyd, Jr relished. That possibility was harder to swallow than the crow he is now eating.

Alas, it’s a safe bet the undisclosed amount Floyd, Jr. has agreed to pay to Manny is going to be somewhere close to five percent of the projected purse for their long awaited and hoped for match. Remember, just a few days ago, Manny announced he would take 45% to Little Money’s 55%.

This is all well and good if the fight actually materializes. If it doesn’t, it’s still a partial vindication for Manny, but we all know once allegations are made, suspicions remain in the minds of some. No matter how many medical examinations are conducted and blood and urine tests are passed, the seed has been planted, and will take root in the minds of the easily influenced. The damage is done.

The real satisfaction will go to the victor of their mega fight. Up to now, the negotiations and banter are a trade-off. However, most of the stumbling blocks have now been removed, and in a sense “face saved” by both. Manny gets his legal fees paid, and receives a confidential financial settlement and a public apology.

On the other hand, Floyd, Jr., who previously would have been faced with a 50/50 split, can now probably pay the undisclosed settlement from funds just now made available by the Pacman agreement to accept 45%. That’s assuming the mega fight takes place.

That’s not too bad for the Mayweathers, a trio whose behavior is sometimes described as shameless. If that’s true, they should have the ability to shed this little set back off like H20 off a web footed feather brain’s back. But, it will be more difficult to keep ducking the mega match up now. The biggest obstacles will have been removed. There are no longer any objections to WADA, VADA or MOOLA. As boxing’s great Mills Lane often said, “Let’s get it on”!

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