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Guerrero: Mayweather has aged; he’s not the same fighter

By Bill Phanco: Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KO’s) has analyzed Floyd Mayweather’s last few fights, and he now feels that Mayweather aged to where he’s no longer the same fighter he once was. Guerrero feels Mayweather is ready to be beaten for the first time in his career when they face each on May 4th.

Guerrero said to AP “I see a lot of slippage. I see him slowing down, as far as the legs not being as quick as they used to be.”
In response to a question about whether Mayweather is the #1 fighter in the sport, Guerrero said “In my eyes, no.”
Mayweather is well aware of Guerrero’s comments and he didn’t have much to say about them. Mayweather didn’t even try refuting Guerrero’s thoughts about his legs not being there and his skills declining.

It would have made Mayweather look a little silly had he attempted to say his legs were as good as always because you can see that Mayweather has had problems moving around the ring for the past three years. Even as far as back as 2009, Mayweather was no longer moving on his toes, and instead he would walk and fight flat-footed.

What this means to Guerrero is that he’s going to have a mostly stationary Mayweather to fight on May 4th, and that’s going to make his job much easier. Guerrero doesn’t have room to talk as far as legs go because he’s not a good mover either, but then again he never has been even when he fought at featherweight.

Guerrero has generally been a fighter that walks down his opponents and works them over in close for the most part with body punches, uppercuts and a lot of hooks. He likes to really unload on his opponents with massive amounts of shots, and he basically dares his opponents to try and match his work rate.

Mayweather had better find some way of moving around the ring on May 4th because he’s not going to be able to match Guerrero’s work rate, and there’s no way he’s going to knock Guerrero out. If Mayweather doesn’t use movement in this fight then he’s going to look like an old man and take a beating from Guerrero.

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