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Exclusive Media Roundtable Interviews: Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley

DSC_6360After the final press conference concluded, both Marquez and Bradley took the time to answer questions from the media and press. Fighters spoke about their mindsets going into this fight, explained what their goals are for winning and things to expect come Saturday night. Here are a few of many questions that were answered.


Question: “How do you feel at 40 years of age?”
Marquez: “I feel like a young fighter. I like training. I like everything. Outside the ring, I take care of myself very well. This is the best time for me.”

Question: “What kind of fight do you expect Saturday night?”
Marquez: “I expect a great fight. A tough fight. I trained hard for a very tough fight. I’m ready for another great fight.”

Question: “Why do you keep doing this? I know you’re focused in your next fight. Why do you keep doing this for so many years?”
Marquez: “I don’t know. Right now I feel focused for this fight. I don’t know what will happen in the future. Right now I have a tough challenge. I like these kinds of challenges.”

Steve Lopez: “Do you have a lot of confidence knowing that he isn’t known for being a knockout artist?”
Marquez: “It’s not that I have a lot of confidence. His record doesn’t tell the whole story. We’re also not going to go in and see if he’s really a knockout puncher, whether he hits hard or not. We’re going to go in there with speed and intelligence. We’re not going to go in there and prove his punching power.”

Question: “What’s you mindset going into the fight with Bradley?”
Marquez: “People can expect from me to know that this is a great challenge. Capturing that fifth world title in a fifth weight division is the challenge for me. I’ve always had it in mind that one should never contemplate the path of the winners. I will do my job.”


Question: “Do you feel this will be your toughest fight?”
Bradley: “Oh, yes. This will be my toughest fight. Fighting against one of the best Mexican fighters of all time. You know, Juan Manuel Marquez knows how to fight. He’s very smart, knows when to fight. With that being said, this will be my toughest fight.”

Question: “Do you worry about judges or referees?”
Bradley: “I never worry about judges or referees. Let’s just be fair. If everyone is fair, then everything will be fine. I just go out there and do my job. That’s it.”

Question: “What is Juan Manuel Marquez’ weakness?”
Bradley: “I don’t know. I don’t think there’s a weak part about Marquez. He has the heart of a lion. He has skills, he’s very determined, he’s a hard worker. I think he’s a solid, solid fighter. One of the best fighters in the world. Nothing weak about him.”

Question: “Many people say that you can’t knock him out. Do you think it’s possible?”
Bradley: “Honestly, I think that anything is possible, man. I never, ever, ever say that nothing is impossible. Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out Pacquiao. I didn’t think that was possible, but it happened, didn’t it? Exactly. Anything is possible in boxing.”

Question: “One of the funniest things you said on 24/7 is that you would’ve retired after that right hand. Put it on your wall and retire. You’re a younger fighter. Do you think you would’ve been able to put it away on something like that? Or do you think that hunger would keep coming back?”
Bradley: “Everybody has a different mindset that I have. I don’t think like Marquez. If I was in his position, and I had everything set up the way he had it set up, I would’ve retired. I mean, dude, he’s got a house, cars, one of the best Mexican fighters of all time, why not? Why not retire? But he’s got a new motivation. He wants my belt. He feels that belt belongs to him after the Pacquiao fight. With that being said, he’s got that fire and that new motivation to keep on going.”

Steve Lopez: “Speaking of motivation, what’s your motivation?”
Bradley: “My motivation is that I want his name on my resume. That’s my motivation and I want to creep towards my goal of being the number one fighter in the sport Pound for Pound. I believe he’s number three right now and I would move into his position.”

Steve Lopez: “Juan Manuel Marquez has a lot of experience. That’s one of his advantages. What would you say are your advantages?”
Bradley: “I have experience, too. I have over 140 amateur fights. Faced many styles. Fought in different countries. Sparred a lot of fighters. I have a lot of experience, too. I know he has a lot of experience, too. He’s been in the ring with Pacquiao, just like I have. He’s been in with Mayweather. I haven’t been with Mayweather yet. I have youth, I’m very smart in the ring. I’m quick and I’m fast. I’ve got great defense and a great team to support me.”

Question: “Do you think it matters how a fighter goes out? Do you have a way that you would like to go out? “
Bradley: “I never really talk about it. I want to fight the best fighters out there in the world. I want to be the type of fighter who takes on all the top fighters in the world. This is another great challenge with one of the best fighters in the world. After this, I’m going to continue to fight the best. I want to fight the best. That’s it. It’s in me. I have a competitive nature. I get fueled up fighting the best and beating the best. Being the best that I can possibly be. I’m not in boxing, you know, just for the money. No, man, screw the money. It’s about respect in the game and being the best in the game with all the best in the world. That’s what it’s all about.”

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