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Arnett defeats Quarles

004ArnettvsQuarlesIMG_6776by Charles R. Dorner, photo by Tom Casino / Showtime – Daquan Arnett(9-0-0 6KO)vs Brandon Quarles(9-0-1 2KO)

(INDIO, CALIFORNIA), 11 January 2012

Rd 1: Quarles starts the fight throwing the jab. Both fighters are starting off throwing a bunch of punches, but not landing anything too significant. Both fighters throwing crisp inside punches with Arnett seemingly getting the better of the beginning exchanges. Arnett keeping a steady body attack on Quarles. Quarles has Arnett on the ropes and lands a nice right uppercut. Quarles lands a few more uppercuts to close the round.

10-9 Arnett

Rd 2: Quarles is keeping the fight on the inside. Quarles is landing some nice hooks and upper cuts with Arnett on the ropes. Quarles is the obvious aggressor as he has Arnett just lying and holding on the ropes. Arnett gets busy and throws a right to the body then to the head. Quarles has Arnett back on the ropes, with Arnett simply lying on the ropes. Arnett ends the round with a nice combination.

10-9 Quarles

Rd 3: Arnett is peppering Quarles with jabs as Quarles tries to bully his way to the inside. Arnett gets caught by a few shots and seems hurt by Quarles, seems like a looping right, right uppercut, and another looping right did the damage. Arnett is lying on the ropes once again as Quarles bullies Arnett.

10-9 Quarles

Rd 4: Arnett switches to southpaw, which is odd, because Quarles is landing a bunch of powerful right hands. Arnett is not utilizing his better foot speed, hand speed, and power, as he is allowing Quarles to outwork him. Arnett is landing some nice jabs. Arnett is out boxing Quarles this round. Quarles once again lands a powerful looping right that seems to stun Arnett.

10-9 Arnett

Rd 5: Arnett once again opens the round as a south paw. Quarles is working on the inside as Arnett seems to be showing signs of exhaustion. Arnett’s punches do not seem to be effecting Quarles as his punches are landing on Quarles’ gloves. Quarles has Arnett on the ropes once again, and is making the fight a tough one for Arnett. Arnett lands a nice combo, but Quarles won the round based off of a higher work rate.

10-9 Quarles

Rd 6: Quarles starts the round off again working on the inside and bullying Arnett. both fighters are holding a lot and being warne by the referee. Quarles is being able to overcome the physical advantages of Arnett by keeping the fight close.

10-9 Quarles

Rd 7: Quarles opens the 7th with the pumping the jab, and is once again out working Arnett. Arnett is obviously the faster and more physically talented, but cannot use them advantages as Quarles is making the fight tough keeping it on the inside. Arnett is keeping a high guard, works his way in, and is getting Arnett against the ropes landing strong punches. Arnett lands a ton of seemingly strong punches on Quarles with about 30 seconds left in the 7th. Quarles gets a point deducted, which may prove to be crucial. seems to be a poor deduction.

10-8 Arnett

Rd 8: Arnett is starting to pick Quarles apart a bit. Quarles bullies Arnett into the ropes only to get turn around and Arnett lands a few upper cuts. Arnett opens the next exchange up with a nice combination. Arnett gets the best of another combination as Quarles pushes Arnett back into the ropes. Both fighters are holding each other in the center of the ring. Arnett lands another nice combination to close the round.

10-9 Arnett

My scoring: 76-75 Arnett

Judges scoring: 78-73, 77-74, 76-75

Winner: Arnett UD8 Quarles

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