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Chavez Jr…is this an act?

by Robert Jackson: HBO’s 24/7 series has for some time now been the MARKETING arm of its boxing empire, first seen prior to the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight and subsequently showcasing Pacquiao, Cotto and others , this series has no equal.

Currently the 2 episode Chavez/Martinez 24/7 is being shown and the contrast between the 2 fighters cannot be more disparate. Chavez Jr as shown, seems to be blowing this fight off, not taking it seriously and not preparing himself adequately. Martinez on the other hand is ‘all business’, can be seen preparing scientifically, working meticulously and not taking anything for granted.

The 2nd and final episode shown this past Saturday showed Chavez Jr skipping workouts with Freddie Roach, while also ignoring his father’s advise on tactics for fighting Martinez to instead take a dip in the pool of his rented house. Chavez Jr was also shown running at 2 o’clock in the morning and also sleeping all day, behavior totally unlike his nemesis who trains in the traditional manner getting up early in the morning to run after a good nights sleep.

Being that fighting is 75% mental this could just be an act to get his adversary to become overconfident, thinking that Chavez will be ill-prepared for the task at hand. Or…it could be that this type of preparation is what WORKS for the ‘Son of a legend’, that by keeping it loose he maximizes his chances of winning.

Chavez Jr’s body also looked overweight and soft and absent from all of this was Alex Ariza’s S&C work with Chavez Jr, though he was present on-screen.

It could be that this is all a psychological ploy by Team Chavez to throw Sergio Martinez off track. But, from what I could see Martinez isn’t buying it and is preparing for the BEST Chavez to show up. For me I hope this is an act, cause if it isn’t the night WILL end brutally with a NEW champion being crowned.

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