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Steven Chang

The Current 20 Most Exciting Boxers – A Statistical Analysis

Boxing is at it’s most exciting when it’s highly skilled, competitive, back and forth fighting with plenty of drama. It peaks when a fighter is hurt and the crowd screams as killer instincts and the will to survive are on full display. It’s rare to get life changing fights, both for the fighters and fans, such as the grueling Castillo vs. Corrales, but once in a while, a fight has all the right [...]

Austin Trout back on track

Austin “No Doubt” Trout returned on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights to win a unanimous decision against the game Aussie, Daniel “Awesome” Dawson. Trout bounced back from two knockdowns in the third that initially left doubts about his fighting future, but saw him find his confidence and inner beast to dominate the rest of the fight and even knocked down an injured and unlucky Dawson in the Eighth. This [...]

Gennady Golovkin – The Real Deal Destroys Daniel “The Real Deal” Geale

Thank the boxing gods for Gennady Golovkin. Up until the main event, the note pad contained lines such as: “… had sleeping tablets in both fists. Unfortunately, he took all the tablets before the fight.” “It was an unanimous decision from the crowd. F****** dreadful fight.” When Golovkin walked into the ring, first with Jay Z’s Encore and then The White Stripes’ Seven Nation [...]

Juan Manuel Lopez – The Addicted Boxer

Juan Manuel Lopez is a shopworn fighter that’s going through the motions. Like a hopeless gambler, day in and day out he boxes without a plan to win and seems to be there because he has no choice. When the chips are down, he throws caution to the wind and goes for broke. This was no more evident then in his latest fight against Francisco Vargas. He was tentative, especially in round 2, always [...]

Alvarez vs. Lara – A fight for Alvarez to lose

When Alvarez lost to Mayweather, they brought him back against Alfredo Angulo, a confidence booster. The type of fight that Canelo and his handlers would have hand picked while listening to the TLC song, don’t go chasing water falls. Angulo is a good fighter but his come forward, plant your feet and throw style (his nick name is Perro – Spanish for dog) is perfect for Alvarez. It was a very [...]