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Ashley Theophane

Ashley Theophane talks “The Rise of British Boxing”

We are now well into the home straight of 2014. This year has been a consistent year of sacrifice, hard work and dedication. Which has seen me get my 35th and 36th professional wins in Las Vegas. I’ve been away from my loved ones for the majority of the year. It is hard, very hard at times. But setting out to achieve your goals is never easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it – instead [...]

Ashley Theophane talks Floyd Mayweather and Mayhem

Floyd Mayweather claimed his 47th win against Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night. “Mayhem” was a massive event just like all Floyd Mayweather’s fights have become. It’s not just a fight but an event, and a global event at that. Stars from the world of sports, film, music and fashion fly into Las Vegas just to watch Floyd fight. Fight week started with fighter [...]

Ashley Theophane talks Floyd Mayweather training camp

Floyd Mayweather was on very good form this week, sparring between 12 and 15 rounds in a day. He is looking much better than he did for the first fight with Marcos Maidana. He is hitting harder and the unique skills and speed maintain intact. This is a man who has been a professional for 18 years and a champion for 17 of those years. 12am – 6am workouts, really long sessions. Everyone watching [...]

Ashley Theophane talks 36th victory and Mayweather Promotions

I turned professional back in the autumn of 2002, but I didn't make my professional debut until the following summer of 2003. I had to wait 8 long months for the opportunity. The four big promoters in the UK at the time were not interested in taking a chance on me; Mick Hennessey, Frank Warren, Frank Maloney and Barry Hearn all passed on me. Years later it would make me feel good when it was pointed [...]

Ashley Theophane Las Vegas Blog: Hopes And Dreams

August 1st marked the first anniversary of my signing with Mayweather Promotions – a special moment for me. The last year was not one that anyone could have predicted, but it was the opportunity I have been working towards for many years now. The past 12 months has seen me fight on two massive Floyd Mayweather shows. “The One” which broke all the all-time boxing box office records and “The [...]

Ashley Theophane: Back In Las Vegas

I’m now back in Las Vegas, the city of sin, in the land of opportunity. It was great to be home, but it’s just as good to be back at the gym. This is my fourth training camp as a Mayweather Promotions fighter. The nine weeks I’ve just spent back home in London, informed me that the hard work and sacrifices I have had to make, leaving my friends and family back in the UK, in order to make [...]

Ashley Theophane looks back on ‘The Moment’

A week has passed, but the joy of victory is still very much with me. I notched up my 35th win at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas – a world away from West London. I battled the tough knock out artist Angino Perez. Perez had a 90% knock out ratio. He had been in with good fighters like world champion Richard Abril, and contender, Carlos Molina. I dropped Perez in the second with a left hook, and [...]

Ashley Theophane Blog: Media day at the Mayweather Boxing Club

Media day this week at the Mayweather Boxing Club was an event in itself. The best of America’s boxing reporters were on hand to watch the team work out, and they were keen to get our thoughts on our respective fights and the main event. They listened intently as I gave my responses – “I don’t ever worry about my opponent… Experience counts… I’ve been here before… I’m beyond [...]

Ashley Theophane, fine tuning for The Moment

The countdown has now really begun. This is our last week of intensive gym work before May 2nd. My opponent has 15 wins, with 13 of them by way of knock out. He has fought Carlos Molina who fights Adrien Broner on the same show as me. He has also fought WBA world lightweight champion, Richard Abril. This will be my 42nd fight and every fight I have now is of the utmost importance. Any slip up [...]

Ashley Theophane Blog: City Of Dreams

The stage is set at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, with just four weeks to go until the biggest boxing event of the year happens. Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana, Amir Khan vs Lou Collazo, Adrien Broner vs Carlos Molina, JLeon Love vs Periban and of course, yours truly. It will be the biggest and ‘baddest’ show on the planet this year by far. Another hard week’s training [...]