Khan: I don’t want to share my trainer

By Rob Smith: It’s looking like Amir Khan may soon pull the trigger on his famous trainer Freddie Roach and boot him for a trainer that can spend the needed time to try and turn Khan’s sinking career around again. You just knew that someone would wind up a casualty after Khan’s latest loss, a 4th round TKO to WBC light welterweight champion Danny Garcia. Roach may be the fall guy in this case if Khan lets him go.

Khan told the “I need a trainer with me 100 percent. Freddie is a very busy guy and he is busy because is a great trainer and is one of the best…I don’t really want to be sharing…I just need someone who is going to be with me constantly working hard with me.”

Like a lot of fighters that are on the brink of career ruin, Khan is really needy right now and Roach may not be there to be the magical bottle that can be put into Khan’s mouth to quiet him down. He obviously reassurance as well as more time, and Roach with his many commitments to other fighters such as Manny Pacquiao and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., he may not be there enough for Khan.

Khan is already talking about hiring a defensive trainer that would work on that part of his game while Roach works with him on his offense. I really don’t know how that would work in the Wildcard gym. There’s some big egos at play and Roach may not go for working in this kind way with Khan. It’s a situation where the trainers might be telling Khan things that will conflict and that’s not a good thing.

In the end it may not matter who trains Khan, he’s likely to continue to have problems whenever faces someone that can punch their way out of a wet paper bag. He can beat some strong punchers if he can get them out early like he did with Zab Judah. But if they’re able to put hands on him and last for more than six rounds, Khan will probably continue to suffer losses. His chin is a major problem for him and that’s probably never going to change. Trainer Emanuel Steward thinks Khan needs to take a good long break from boxing to recover from the hard fights he’s been in lately. I second that. Khan should take eight months off and recover from the Lamont Peterson and Garcia fights and then come with with a new trainer that can teach him how to keep from getting clocked so often.

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Boxing News Khan: I don’t want to share my trainer