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“I’m the fastest heavyweight in this business. That’s all that needs to be said. And that’s what’s going to kill Jonte (Willis).”- “Vicious” Vincent Thompson Speaks Out!

Exclusive Interview by Charles White:

Kindly taking time out of his busy training schedule, undefeated heavyweight prospect “Vicious” Vincent Thompson (9-0) had the following answers to my questions regarding his highly anticipated grudge match with fellow Washington State heavyweight prospect Jonte “Rock Steady” Willis (8-1-1). Don’t miss what Vincent has to say about his opponent and their November 5th bout at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA!

CW: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Vincent. How are you doing today?

VT: I am doing just fine, Charles, couldn’t feel better. How are you?

CW: Doing good, thanks. First off, congrats on the win over Japan’s number one heavyweight Masataka Takehara (now 6-5-3 with 2 ko’s). Give us some thoughts on that victory..

VT: Thank you, Charles. It was nice to actually meet you for the first time at the Masataka Takehara fight! I would have to say Masataka has a hard head and he was a very tough opponent. He had fought Alex Leapai (who is now 24-3-1) and had a draw. When we fought, Masataka was relentless and he just kept coming. I have a lot of respect for his courage. He took a lot of good shots and kept on coming but at the end of the day I got a UD, as you know. I have to keep winning to achieve my goal. Loosing is not an option!

CW: After the fight, Jonte Willis stepped into the ring and announced a highly anticipated NW showdown between the two of you on November 5th at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA. Shortly thereafter, the two of you exchanged words at close range. What was said between the two of you?

VT: Charles! I don’t know what that fool was thinking, jumping in the ring, pulling that WWF crap. His last 3 fights he got a draw against David Long, then he got KO’d by Shane Andreesen, and in his last fight he got a UD against a washed up, 36 year old pumped up cruiserweight Gary Gomez. Jonte is a decent fighter, a slick fighter. However, I am not 36 years old and I am a hell of a lot faster than any opponent he has ever faced. And with that being said, back to your question of exchange of words. What was said between the two of us; he said “you know what’s up” and I said “yeah.” Charles, you know what it means to me that everyone knows I don’t duck anyone. I called Jonte out when I was 1-0. He should not have let me get the experience I have now up under my belt. I have been in there with some tough opponents, not saying he hasn’t, but I know I am tougher than him. It’s to the death with me; I will go until I can’t go anymore. I’m a real true warrior! I fought a national champ before who was undefeated (Charles Ellis). This is no threat to me, just another day in the office, bro.

CW: Can you give us a bit of background on this hometown rivalry between you and Jonte?

VT: That’s just what it is; ‘a home town rivalry.’ Jonte thinks he’s the best heavyweight in Washington as do I. I tried again to get a fight with Jonte when I was 3-0 and he was 6-0, but he and his team wouldn’t take the fight, saying I needed them but they didn’t need me. Now, the shoe is on the other foot as I don’t need them, they need me in order for Jonte to gain any type of legitimacy as an up and coming heavyweight prospect again, especially after he got a draw and was KO’d. At one time he was ranked below me on and on Top 100 Heavyweight Prospects And Amateur Draft ( Not anymore! As a matter of fact, Top 100 took him off the prospect list.

CW: What does this fight mean to you? Is it merely NW bragging rights, or is this a genuine step in the right direction towards you proving yourself as one of the better prospects at heavyweight?

VT: Knocking off two national champions in a year should give me more credibility as a heavyweight prospect. That’s the most important thing, of course…I will enjoy the bragging rights as well.

CW: Obviously, you wouldn’t want to give away your entire game plan, but what will you be looking to do in the ring come fight night?

VT: Just come and see, Charles. You will find me doing a lot of different things in the ring come the 5th. Besides, you know that speed kills and I’m the fastest heavyweight in this business. That’s all that needs to be said. And that’s what’s going to kill Jonte.

CW: A criticism that you and Jonte both share is a lack of heavyweight punching power. What do you say to these accusations and will you be looking to pump up the volume for Willis?

VT: Well, Charles, my critics say I lack power. To my defense I only had about 37 amateur fights between the ages of 7 and 14 and I just got back into it in May of 2009. I had my first pro fight in August 2009 and I am moving up at a nice, steady pace. But where I may lack power per the critics, I make up with speed and skill. Charles, unlike some of my opponents, I don’t have the long amateur background with the Golden Gloves titles and National titles and etc. So my team wants me to get in as much ring time as I can right now to get that ring experience. You know, get some rounds under my belt which will help me as I am stepping up in competition. We will worry about knockouts later. Check out my record and you will see I have won every round in every fight. Normally my corner just has me go out there and out-box my opponent and if a knockout comes it comes.

CW: With you being the larger fighter, do you think your size will be a big advantage in this fight?

VT: Yes! I believe Jonte is going to feel a big difference compared to his last fight against Gary Gomez, who was an oversized cruiserweight. And, unlike when Jonte and I sparred together a few times, there isn’t going be any pitty-pat going on in this fight.

CW: Jonte will be your biggest challenge to date; do you have any reservations at all ahead of this fight?

VT: No reservations at all. Jonte is just another opponent, a stepping stone on my way to a title.

CW: With only a couple of weeks of training camp left, what kinds of things have you been working on in the gym?

VT: A little of everything, Charles. Nothing in particular. Just everything that it will take to beat him.

CW: And who have you been sparring with for this fight?

VT: Just some local fighters, a lot of middleweights as they move a lot more like Jonte does and they are quicker than most heavyweights. And I am also getting in a few rounds with some heavyweights.

CW: Not looking past Jonte at all, but if you were to come away with the win on November 5th, where do you go from here? Will you be looking to step up the competition level, or take more fights of a similar caliber to get more experience under your belt?

VT: Charles, I am looking past Jonte! And I will come away with the win! I will be looking to do a little of both – fight some fighters of the same caliber to gain experience and some that will be better competition. My team wants me to stay active with 5 to 7 fights a year. Straight to the top Charles, that’s all I see. Of course, we are always ready and willing to step up the competition, never running from it. Ready, always ready!

CW: This fight is unique as it seems as though these days, fights between two up and coming prospects at heavyweight seem to be a rarity. Any thoughts on this?
VT: Well, Charles, in my sixth pro bout I knocked off one national champion, Charles Ellis, who my upcoming opponent had ducked 5 months earlier. Now for my 10th pro bout I will be fighting Jonte, also a national champion. So this will be my second unique fight with an up-coming prospect in a year.

CW: Well, I know I’ve been pumped for this fight since it was announced. Have you been receiving a lot of positive feedback from people about making this fight, and do you expect a sellout crowd?

VT: Most people believe I will win this fight against Jonte, not taking anything away from him as he has amassed an 8-1-1 record and was a national champion. And he has stepped up his game some in his last 3 outings. People will definitely get their money’s worth and my fans will get what they’ve been waiting to see; “Vicious Vincent with his hands raised once again.” As far as a sellout crowd, that’s what they say it will be! This will be a great fight for Washington fans with which to close the year! Hope to see you there!

CW: Ok Vince, thank you for your time. For my last question, do you have any message for Jonte Willis ahead of the fight?

VT: Jonte, you shouldn’t have listened to Bill McDonald and challenged me. You have just let him serve you your second loss. You might want to look into new management. 10-0 baby! Thanks for the interview Charles. I hope you can make it to the fight and that I see you there.

For questions and comments, to schedule an interview, or to simply chat about boxing, Charles White can be reached at or 360-333-5911.

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