Donovan “Razor” Ruddock Comeback Down For Roy Jones-Max Alexander Card; December 10th

By James Slater: Living legend and all-time great Roy Jones Junior, now aged 42 and past his spellbinding best by quite a way, is set to face former “Contender” Max Alexander on December 10th, the cruiserweight bout to take place at The Civic Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

To some fans, it will be enough of a blast from the past seeing Jones in action – Jones of course was at his untouchable best in the 1990’s/early 2000’s – but another veteran is reported to be set to fight on the same card: one Donovan “Razor” Ruddock.

According to a number of web sites (including Boxrec, who have the fight scheduled for 8-rounds), Ruddock, now aged 47 (he’ll be 48 in December), will face crafty trial horse Gabe Brown, 18-16-4(12).

A few months back there was talk of a Ruddock comeback, with a video interview going up on You Tube, showing a remarkably trim and young-looking Razor training and giving his thoughts on the Klitschko brothers; both of whom he said he could defeat. But since then nothing. Until now. Ruddock, if the fight goes ahead, will be climbing into the ring for the first time since way back in October of 2001! The Lord alone knows how much the big-hitting Jamaican-born Canadian has left to offer.

Brown, despite his girth, weight (300-plus-pounds) and age ( 39), has fast hands, a ton of experience and he could give a rusty Ruddock some problems. Just lately Brown has struggled to pick up a win, losing his last eight (3 by stoppage), and Roy Jones’ buddy from Pensacola has to realise fans are questioning his current desire and commitment. But against an old guy, who will be creaking with rust, maybe Brown will get himself motivated. If so, it could be an embarrassing night for the one-time dynamite slugger who lit up the heavyweight division with big fights against the likes of Mike Tyson (twice), Michael Dokes, Lennox Lewis and Tommy Morrison.

Does Razor need money, or does he genuinely feel he can compete again? We don’t know. If he comes in in the kind of shape he looked to be in that aforementioned 2010 You Tube video, maybe Ruddock can reel off a couple or three wins against limited opposition. It is of course crazy to even talk about whether or not Ruddock, 38-5-1(29) can come anywhere close to a shot at a big name, let alone a title-holder.

There will likely be some curiosity value attached to the Dec. 10th card, at the very least. Fans willing to watch Jones Junior try and win one as a cruiser will tune in; while fans who remember Ruddock’s heyday will also buy the Pay-Per-View. And who knows? It could prove to be an interesting night!

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Boxing News Donovan “Razor” Ruddock Comeback Down For Roy Jones-Max Alexander Card; December 10th