Jean Marc Mormeck To Work With Trainer Kevin Rooney In Lead Up To Klitschko Chance

By James Slater: Today in Paris, France, heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko came face to face with his next challenger, Jean Marc Mormeck, who faces “Dr. Steel Hammer” in Germany on December 10th. The two smiled as they posed for photos (the huge size advantage held by Wladimir again apparent as they stood side by side) and the two did their best to promote the fight that, in truth, not too many fans are excited about.

Klitschko praised Mormeck for the way he managed to score a knockdown over David Haye when “The Marksman” met him back in 2007. “He knocked him down,” Wladimir said. “It’s something I couldn’t do.”

Mormeck again promised to test the Champion’s “glass chin,” insisting once again that Kitschko “does not like to get hit.” Well, who does? Klitschko fired back at the 39-year-old’s chin taunts with a vow to “find out what your chin is made of.”

The most interesting thing we learned today is the fact that the former cruiserweight champion will be trained for his big chance by Kevin Rooney. Rooney, of course, became globally famous and well respected as the trainer of Mike Tyson back in the mid-80s. It will be interesting to see if Rooney can help Mormeck any. Rooney knows how to train a guy and he will surely have a game-plan in mind for Mormeck; who faces a mighty task. Some fans argue that even Tyson himself would have had real problems with the skills and sheer size of Wladimir, and it’s likely that Mormeck will find out quickly what he’s up against on Dec. 10th – even with “Iron” Mike’s former trainer by his side.

Wladimir actually compared Mormeck’s style with that of the one-time “Baddest Man On The Planet.”

“I would compare him with Mike Tyson,” Wladimir said of the Frenchman. “He is never going backwards, like David Haye.

Wladimir then borrowed a line from former king Tyson:

“Everyone has a plan, until they get hit,” he stated.

Rooney may have a master plan up his sleeve that we do not know about, but has his fighter got the tools that are necessary for him to be able to put into practice effective tactics? Mormeck might come out in a fast, aggressive Mike Tyson-like manner, but if he does he will only make Wladimir’s job that much easier. Or maybe Rooney will have Mormeck box and move? Here too the December challenger will be in trouble.

Mormeck may have a bonus with Rooney assisting him, but the massive odds against him in this fight are very hard to argue with all the same.

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Boxing News Jean Marc Mormeck To Work With Trainer Kevin Rooney In Lead Up To Klitschko Chance