Haye “I Know I Have A Good Chance Of Beating Vitali”

By James Slater: It has been reported how former World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight champion David Haye, last seen losing a wide points decision against Wladimir Klitschko, is waiting to see if Vitali Klitschko’s team will get in touch with him with regards to a fight in the coming months.

As fans have read, “The Hayemaker” has publicly stated he is “willing to delay” his October 13th planned retirement if he can bag a fight with either brother. Haye is keen to redeem himself after the embarrassing loss to Wladimir – a fight he now admits he gave an “underachieving” performance in. But the ball is in Vitali’s court (Wladimir has no interest in facing Haye for a second time), and Haye will get another chance only if “Dr. Iron Fist” is willing to give him one.

Haye, sounding more sober, with less trash-talk than in past interviews, spoke recently with The Daily Telegraph.

“It’s not about money for me,” Haye said with regards to a second Klitschko fight. “I know I underachieved against Wladimir. I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, for whatever reason. It wasn’t the real me in there, and you always want to go out showing everybody what you really have. So if I go out there and give 100-percent, I know I have a good chance of beating Vitali. At 100-percent fit, you would see the real fighter in me out there.

“Vitali and Wladimir are the only two fights on the planet I would break my retirement plans for.”

So, we can forget all about the soon-to-be 31-year-old working his way back up to a second title shot with a couple of wins over solid opponents. Haye is interested in an immediate big one with a Klitschko and nothing else will motivate him to stick around after he’s turned 31.

Haye went on to say how he and trainer Adam Booth sat and watched Vitali’s recent win over Tomasz Adamek. Haye says that performance by the 40-year-old WBC heavyweight king left Booth “on the fence” when it comes to whether or not his charge can defeat Vitali. Haye himself feels he can beat the older brother – and the Londoner was somewhat critical of Vitali’s performance against the gutsy Pole.

“Vitali did what he needed to do, he was effective, he was fighting a guy with no head movement, with little or no idea of how to beat him,” Haye said of the Adamek fight. “Klitschko should have knocked him out a lot sooner. By rights, Vitali should be knocking Adamek out. Adamek has been knocked out at light-heavyweight.”

Haye is of course wrong when he says Adamek has been KO’d at 175-pounds. Adamek has only been stopped by Klitschko, his only other loss coming on points at the hands of Chad Dawson. Still, would Haye do better than Adamek did if he got a crack at Vitali? Haye has the skills needed to be able to give Vitali problems, but does he have the heart Adamek possesses?

“If it’s meant to be, Vitali’s people will get in touch,” Haye said. “For some reason I don’t really think he wants to do it. If they contact us, and talk to us and are serious about it, I’ll consult my team.”

Whether Haye gets his shot at Vitali may well depend on one thing: how badly the reigning WBC king wants to knock him out, or as Vitali puts it, “send him to the dust.

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Boxing News Haye “I Know I Have A Good Chance Of Beating Vitali”