Arturo Gatti: It WAS Murder!

By James Slater: Just over two years on from the tragic and untimely death of the legendary, hugely respected Arturo Gatti, reports are about to be released that say the 37-year-old warrior was indeed murdered in Brazil in July of 2009.

According to a breaking news piece in “a source with intimate knowledge of the details of the case has informed that his demise was a homicide and not a suicide.”

The article goes on to say how six experts, who have concluded an 11-month investigation, will reveal their findings at an August 30th press conference in North Bergen, New Jersey. All six experts have ruled out suicide as the cause of death.

As fans know and still mourn, Gatti was found dead on July 11th 2009, when vacationing in Brazil with his wife, Amanda Rodrigues. Initially, Rodrigues was arrested for murder – only to be released shortly afterwards. It was then that the first claims of suicide came out. The theory went that Gatti, depressed, took his own life by strangulation. Immediately, however, those who knew Gatti well vehemently refuted such talk; saying there is no way on earth the never-give-up warrior known as “Thunder” would ever “take the easy way out.”

Now, in light of these further months of investigation, it seems those who knew Gatti well have been proven correct.

According to Ring web site article, it has not yet been revealed if there is a suspect in Gatti’s death, or whether or not it has been determined exactly how Gatti was killed.

Everything is expected to come out at the August 30th press conference.

Hopefully then, Arturo will be able to rest in peace and his millions of fans will be able to remember him as the great fighter he always was.

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Boxing News Arturo Gatti: It WAS Murder!