B-Hop: A Champion of any Era!

By Ziggy Shah: Boxing is a sport that has fascinated and entertained the public for many years, from the early bare-fist combats to today’s 12 round gloved spectaculars. Throughout these times, comparisons have always been made about, how would boxers from past era’s compare against today’s elite group.

Would Sullivan have been able to bully and intimidate a Klitschko and take him out in the latter rounds? Or how would the whirlwind attacks of Henry Armstrong have fared against a clever young defensive Floyd Mayweather?

Debates such as this have taken up many hours of boxing fans time as they try to imagine the outcome of these classic match-ups.

In theory, would the past champions have been able to live with today’s greats given the evolution of the sport and it’s training techniques?

Maybe, depending on the rules and regulations that would be placed. I.e. Would it be 12, 15 or unlimited rounds? Would the gloves be 8oz, 10 or 12oz?

Would there the three knock-down rule?

However one thing became clear after witnessing history being made by B-Hop, he is a fighter who would have been champ in any era, of that there is no doubt. Now let’s get one thing straight, B-Hop is not lighting fast like the Pac Man, neither does he have the footwork of an Ali. He is also not a star attraction like the Golden Boy De La Hoya was, but one thing he possesses is ring craft and an acute boxing brain that relies on slight movements that get him into good positions to launch his counters. Once he enters the ring, you can sense the transformation, he is like a surgeon who puts on his white jacket before a surgical operation.

He may come across as arrogant and cocky but he is living proof that if you live clean, focus and live like a pro, then anything is possible. His training regime before a fight is still as intense and his every move monitored by his team, who also connote a unity which is rarely seen in boxing these days.

It is hard to believe that this great man made his debut back in 1988 against Clinton Mitchell, a fight which he incidentally lost on a majority. Since then he has boxed an amazing 444 rounds with an KO average 53% and is still highly ranked by all boxing boards. It is indeed true testament to all the youngster across the world who want to emulate this great pugilist. So the next time you pit fighters in your local pubs and saloons, be sure to mention B-Hop, for is a fighter who would have lived with any other fighter in history.

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Boxing News B-Hop: A Champion of any Era!