Arthur Abraham – Will the Silent Assassin Strike Again?

By Joseph Herron: While the rest of the boxing community is still buzzing about current Middleweight kingpin Sergio Martinez, Super Six contender King Arthur Abraham is patiently waiting for his chance to achieve worldwide recognition as one of the “baddest men on the planet”. Although the Armenian native has accomplished a great deal in the world of boxing, the figurative title of “mainstream glory and worldwide respect” continues to elude King Arthur.

Outside of the “squared circle”, Abraham appears to be and genuinely is one of the nicest and most pleasant people you will ever meet, not just in the world of boxing, but in the entire planet. Inside the ring, a very different version of Arthur Abraham quietly plans the inevitable destruction of his next victim. He has truly earned the moniker, “Silent Assassin”

On October 17th, 2009, Jermain Taylor had high hopes for a Super Six Tournament victory in Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately, “Bad Intentions” not only lost the fight by way of knockout, but his promoter and possibly his boxing career as well…at the hands of Arthur Abraham.

On March 27th, 2010, Andre Dirrell was scheduled to face King Arthur in the second round of the Super Six in Dirrell’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan, USA. The American fighter earned a victory and became the first fighter to ever defeat Arthur Abraham. But Andre’s short lived triumph quickly turned sour when it was discovered that he may never be able to fight as a professional boxer again due to a disqualifying punch by the German based pugilist. A vicious, career ending right hook on the jaw of another American hopeful…at the hands of Arthur Abraham.

On Saturday, November 27th, 2010, tough British fighter and former Super Middleweight Champion, Carl “the Cobra” Froch enters the arena opposite Arthur Abraham in Helsinki, Finland, for the vacant WBC Super Middleweight title. Should “the Cobra” be leery that he can finish the fight on his feet? Is the British fighter aware that Abraham’s last two opponents have been possibly punched into retirement? The outcome of this fight is entirely up to Froch.

If Froch exploits his height and reach advantages, he could win a 12 round UD. The Cobra absolutely must keep Abraham on the end of his punches and continually use the entire ring, while fighting the self proclaimed king at angles. If he fights a disciplined and intelligent fight, Froch can advance to the semifinals with a decisive victory. But, will he?

Prediction: Froch will have his way with Abraham in the early rounds of this fight, but will get baited into trading punches in a fire fight and get knocked out in the 6th round. Froch’s toughness and heart will be his undoing, and Abraham will prove to be one of the hardest punchers, pound for pound, in boxing today.

Other Happenings

JMM is in action once again this Saturday at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, against tough Australian, Michael “The Great” Katsidis, for the WBA and WBO lightweight titles. This should prove to be the most competitive matchup of the evening and a possible fight of the year candidate. Although JMM has secured his spot in Canastota, and has the advantage in almost every category, he is now 37 years old. A victory against Katsidis could earn him a much anticipated third fight with Megastar Manny Pacquiao.

Prediction: This fight will mark the beginning of the end for Juan Manuel Marquez’s career. The Mexican fighter will provide an action filled and entertaining scrap for his faithful, but will ultimately get stopped late in this one. Like his brother Rafael, JMM is in the twilight of his career.

Andre Berto is also fighting this weekend at the MGM Grand in a preliminary bout with tough Mexican born fighter, Freddy Herrnandez. Although Berto’s handspeed should get him a victory, Hernandez is no slouch and can bang. Freddy’s only loss was a very close decision to Golden Johnson and has shown in his last two fights that he can truly crack. Note to Andre: Don’t look past this fighter…it could be you’re undoing!!

Upset Alert:

Andre Ward is facing tough Cameroon born fighter, Sakio Bika of contender fame in Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, USA. Ward has won his last two fights in impressive fashion at this venue and will look past Sakio Bika. Expect S.O.G. not only to receive his first loss, but also possibly get stopped in the process. Bika is one of the more avoided fighters in boxing for a reason.

Is it just me or does Max Kellerman look like Bart Simpson and sound like rapper M & M?
Does anyone miss Lennox Lewis as a commentator? Nah, didn’t think so.
Am I a strange guy for preferring McDonald’s new coffee over Starbucks?
Does anyone really think that the Miami Heat can win the NBA championship this year?
Is there an active fighter with a more intimidating stare down than Vitali Klitschko?
Whoever misses Showtime’s Steve Albert, please stand up.
Doesn’t Manny Steward kind of sound like a male version of “Florida Evans” from the 70’s show “Good Times”?
Wouldn’t it be classic if the NFL asked John Madden and Pat Summeral to announce this year’s Super Bowl one last time?
If actor Matt Damon and actress Hilary Swank were married, wouldn’t they have some strange looking kids?

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