Alexander Povetkin KO’s Teke Oruh In 5th-Round, Looks To Stay Busy

By James Slater: Unbeaten Russian heavyweight contender Alexander Povetkin improved to 20-0(15) last night in Chekhov, Russia, by way of a good 5th-round KO over Nigeria’s previously unstopped Teke Oruh. A big right hand flattened the 32-year-old “African Prince” and the fight was over at the 2-minutes and 57-second mark of the 5th-round. Povetkin, who weighed-in at a ready 227-pounds, is now looking to fight again soon, so as to gain yet more experience that will land him in good stead when he finally challenges for Wladimir Klitschko’s world titles.

Oruh, who came in way too heavy at a career-heavy 264, is now 14-3-1(6). It’s tough to see where he goes from here. Oruh has now lost three in a row.

Povetkin, working with ace trainer Teddy Atlas, is already 31-years-old, yet he is taking his time with his career. Twice now, the Olympic gold medallist has pulled out of a fight with heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko, and some fans have grown a little frustrated as a result. Needing more experience is one thing, but is Povetkin really learning much from the type of fight he had last night? Oruh is at least a big guy, and maybe Atlas’s plan is for his fighter to get further accustomed to rumbling with big heavyweights. But no amount of wins over the Teke Oruhs and Javier Moras of the world will help Povetkin get ready to be able to deal with the tall and athletic “Dr. Steel Hammer.”

What Povetkin needs is a fight against a guy who is a serious threat to him, or a guy who will at least test him. It’s going to be tough when he gets in there with Wladimir, and a previous win, over a big, fast and long-armed foe will help Povetkin on his big night. But who could the Russian star fight that would fit the bill? A fight with Alexander Dimitrenko would maybe make sense, or maybe a fight with fellow countryman Alexander Ustinov (the huge 33-year-old who won on last night’s Klitschko-Briggs card) would give Povetkin the hard fight he surely needs.

Sure, both fights would be risky, but more risky for Povetkin than entering the ring against Wladimir unprepared? Let’s see who the “Russian Vityaz” fights next. It was up on Boxrec that Povetkin would be back later this month, in Germany, but that fight has been removed from the site. The unbeaten contender will hopefully still box again before the year is out though.

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