Is Floyd Mayweather Afraid of Manny Pacquiao? Don’t Idolize Him Then!

By Benjie Varella – Floyd Mayweather Jr. who wanted to be called the “Money” still talks trash on the current pound-for-pound king Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Floyd believes that he still is the king in boxing and that Manny Pacquiao is no match for him. The former pound-for-pound king also stressed that he needs to be called the Money since he brings the highest ticket and pay-per-view sales each time he is on the canvass.. But didn’t Paquaio surpass his record when the Filipino superstar fought, retired and annihilated the Golden Boy Oscar Dela Hoya and British Ricky “Hitman” Hatton?

Floyd who has an unblemished record which consists of 39 victories, no losses and 25Kos continuously boasts about his past opponents.

The Money Floyd has to be respected when it comes to this matter. He has defeated many popular names in boxing. He simply outclassed the likes of Carlos Baldomir; Zab Judah; Arturo Gatti; Philip N’dou; Jose Luis Castillo; Jesus Chavez; Carlos Hernandez and Diego Corrales.

Dela Hoya and Hatton were also victims of Floyd long before Pacquiao shamed these two former champs.

In Pacquiao’s resume, here are the names he crushed that rings-a-bell in boxing. They are David Diaz; Juan Manuel Marquez; Marco Antonio Barrera; Jorge Solis; Erik Morales; Oscar Larios; Agapito Sanchez; Lehlohonolo Ledwaba and Chatchai Sasakul.

Pacquiao who is set to battle with Puerto Rican pride Miguel Cotto for a WBO title on November is eyeing to make a history to grab his seventh title.

Going back to Floyd, since coming out of retirement and announcing his comeback fight on the day of Pacquiao-Hatton bout last May, he has maintained that he is still the number one boxer in the world and said that should he fight the Filipino superstar he has all the right to receive the higher paycheck.

In the recent trash-talk saga of the Money in a popular magazine in the US, he showed no interest of fighting Pacquiao. He is confident that Hatton’s career was over and was never the same boxer since their outing almost two years ago.

Floyd is implying that a fight against Pacquiao is really not needed since Dela Hoya and Hatton who was also beaten by the Filipino were just old bones who was picked by the latter to have the popularity he now is gaining.

But the Money probably is forgetting something. He defeated Dela Hoya via unanimous decision while Pacqiao made the Golden Boy retire from the boxing match and even from the sports.

He did beat and gave Hatton his first taste of defeat in boxing after knocking out the Brit in 10 rounds but Pacquiao annihilated the Hitman in the 2nd round of their match.

To settle the issue who amongst the two should be considered the best pound-for-pound, should they come out victorious against their respective foes, Juan Manuel Marquez for Floyd and Miguel Cotto for Pacquiao, why not find that out inside the boxing ring and not through word war.

Pacquiao have already released a statement that he is ready to face the Money after Cotto but the latter seem to be showing no interest for this match to happen. Then what’s with the endless trash-talking Floyd? It would be better to use the fists to whip opponents and not the mouth.

Floyd’s legacy could be cemented as the greatest pound-for-pound king should he accept the challenge and come out victorious over the Filipino superstar. But if he would choose to ignore the challenge of Pacquiao and continue the nonstop trash-talking, then what kind of legacy would the Money leave the boxing fans?

Probably in the garbage bin where all trash belong.

By the way, could it be true that Floyd is afraid of Pacquiao because he knows that the Filipino superstar is capable of putting dirt on his record? Some colleagues were even cracking up jokes pointing out that it is Floyd who is idolizing Pacquiao and it’s not the other way around.

One speculated that Mayweather’s camp is now studying the fighting style of Paqcuiao so that they can use this as a weapon against Marquez on September.

Well I must agree, Mayweather’s idol could be Pacquiao. I concluded, it’s not only the fighting style that he is trying to imitate but even the name of the Filipino superstar.

It’s Money Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao! Hmmm, Money Vs Manny, it sounds the same, right?

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Boxing News Is Floyd Mayweather Afraid of Manny Pacquiao? Don’t Idolize Him Then!