Haye vs Klitschko: The fight that must happen

18.02.09 – By Alistair Donkin: It is not very often that a good cruiserweight comes along. A cruiserweight that generates a massive amount of excitement whenever he steps into the ring. A cruiserweight that is brash, flash, talks trash and can generally back it up. It is even less often that a cruiserweight who makes the transition to heavyweight can make a similar impact (Evander Holyfield aside). In David D Haye we have a man who can potentially change the face of the Heavyweight division..

David Haye is a former undisputed cruiserweight champion from the UK who is adamant he has what it takes to knock out Dr Steel hammer himself Wladimir Klitschko. He appears fearless in his endless pursuit of the younger Klitschko brother and has announced he is prepared to travel into the lion’s den in Germany to face the IBF, WBO and IBO Champ. Haye will tell anyone who will listen that he has what it takes to knock Wladimir out.

Wladimir Klitschko at 6’-6” is a strong and powerful heavyweight. Although his résumé is impressive and wins against top contenders Chris Byrd, Lamon Brewster and Samuel Peter cannot be written off, Wladimir simply lacks the career defining fights that create a fighters legacy. Dr Steel Hammer has always done what was required of him but never went that little step further to secure his future as a first-ballot hall of fame inductee. His robotic style, endless jabs and his lack of charisma hardly excite fight fans and his “unification” fight with Sultan Ibragimov at Madison square garden is best forgotten.

All things considered, much like the UK’s economy the heavyweight division is in a sad state of affairs. It is ruled under the iron fists of two brothers who although undoubtedly talented, lack the charisma, style and personality of great champions of the past. The unified champion that the boxing public crave will never develop as brotherly love stops the brothers from getting it on. It appeared that this was all boxing fans had to look forward to in the foreseeable future until along came David Haye.

David Hayes career in the heavyweight division although brief has been nothing short of exciting. His first round demolition of 37-2 Tomasz Bonin was both impressive and exhilarating and his 5 round demolition of the divisions trial horse Monte Barett was expected but definitely worth watching (strange for a heavyweight bout). Haye demonstrates brilliant speed, tremendous power and I cannot remember a heavyweight who had such attributes for an awful long time. It is correct to say that Haye has a suspect chin but hey, it all adds to the excitement. Something I am sure you will agree the heavyweight division has been missing?!

Whether this fight develops or not is difficult to predict but it has to happen so the following questions can be answered. Is Wladimir’s name ever going to be mentioned alongside the likes of Ali, Foreman and Lewis? Is there ever going to be a unified world champion? Does David D Haye have what is takes to be “the real deal”?


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