Suge Green’s Boxing Notebook…Calzaghe, Wright vs Williams, Peter vs. Chambers, Toney vs Hopkins, Vic Darchinyan

by Suge Green February 8th 2009 Paul Williams vs Winky Wright is a match up I’m continuing to look forward to, though I admit to being an observer who thoroughly enjoys watching them both in action. The only drawback to this fight is that one of these excellent representatives of the sport will fall further down the boxing rankings, while the other is shown the much deserved respect due to one who could best either of these two world class competitors..

Joe Calzaghe announced his retirement this week, going down in the annals of boxing history as one of the few fighters to do so with an undefeated record intact. It’s a historic though not unprecedented championship achievement, that is to be respected and revered by all…of varying degree and levels of esteem of course. Calzaghe’s detractor’s points will always be heard, but their voices will get soften over time, to the point of being virtually nonexistent. As in times past, they have proven to get quieter, demonstrated by the cases of other champions who have come and gone before Calzaghe. Lennox Lewis is at the top of the list. With Joe C. it will be the same. We will learn to respect him when others who come after him don’t look quite as good as they would have.. The reason they won’t look quite as good as they would have ?…it’s because Joe Calzaghe came before them.

The men behind the scenes are really starting to think like boxing fans in the year 2009. Case in point…though Dino Duva might have been unsuccessful in landing Chris Arreola for his proposed “Battle of the Nightmares,” matching Sam Peter up against the man with the fastest hands in the heavyweight division “Fast” Eddie Chambers, could prove to be a classic moment in matchmaking history in itself. Boxing fans everywhere are hoping that this blurb from the ESPN2 telecast of Friday Night Fights was founded in truth. You don’t get much more “Style vs Style” than a clubbing iron chinned puncher vs a slick, quick handed technician. Sam Peter is no stranger to being at a disadvantage skills wise, and pulling through with some of his other compensating attributes. James Toney anybody…???

…and speaking of James Toney. Bernard Hopkins has stated that there are not a lot of fights out there that interest him. He’s specifically said that he doesn’t want to continue to defeat (I’m being kind with the paraphrase) the stars of the future. Well, the always quotable “Lights Out” is rumored to have stated he’d drop a considerable amount of weight to meet Bernard Hopkins. One can only hope that B-Hop would counter that he would be happy to do it at heavyweight. As OnTheGrind Radio Special Correspondent Jack Johnson Presscot stated, “You could sell tickets to the press conferences for that one.” I admit that I’d buy a ticket.

Vic Darchinyan disposed of Jorge Arce on Saturday night in Anaheim, stopping him short of the 12 rounds the championship bout was scheduled for, just as Vic promised. Love him or hate him, this guy delivers most of the time…and I have a feeling he’s starting to make some converts with these recent performances, Post fight, Gary Shaw shot down the possibility of a Nonito Donaire rematch…while throwing out a slew of names that included Montiel, Marquez, and Vasquez as opponents he can deliver to Vic.

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Boxing News Suge Green’s Boxing Notebook…Calzaghe, Wright vs Williams, Peter vs. Chambers, Toney vs Hopkins, Vic Darchinyan