Breidis Prescott – “I KNOW I Can Knock Amir Khan Out!”

27.08.08 – by James Slater – Unbeaten, but also largely unknown, Colombian Breidis Prescott is talking a very good fight ahead of his showdown with the likewise unbeaten, but a whole hell of a lot more well known, Amir Khan. With less than a week-and-a-half to go before the September 6th match-up, the 19-0(17) puncher has made it clear he is coming to The M.E.N Arena in Manchester, U.K to win..

Speaking with Sky Sports recently – who will be showing the fight on pay-per-view – Prescott was hugely confident.

“I don’t think I can knock him out – I know I can,” Prescott told Sky Sports. “If I catch him with my uppercut or my left hook, he’s going to go. I can’t wait for this fight. I won’t lose the opportunity because if I win this I can get a world title fight and all that it means. It would change my life.”

And, as Sky have reported in their interview piece, life for the 25-year-old is very tough at the moment. Prescott sleeps in a small room above the boxing gym he lives in back home in Barranquilla, but the fighter says that this, along with the help and encouragement of fellow fighters who also train at the gym such as Ricardo Torres, helps him become a better fighter.

“Here I can focus solely on my sport,” Prescott said. “There are no luxuries here but the effort we are putting in here and the sacrifices we make means we are all the more hungry to succeed. Many champions have passed through. Ricardo Torres, who is a great Colombian fighter, has passed through here and used this gym as well. This is a place where great fighters are made.”

There is little doubt Prescott is hungry and can punch. This will certainly make him dangerous, at least for a few rounds, but when all is said and done, does the man who has only boxed outside his country on two occasions have the skills to defeat as talented a fighter as Khan? Sure, Khan’s chin is looked at as somewhat suspect, and if on September 6th he gets nailed cleanly it could be a big problem, but will Prescott even get near Khan?

With his speed, skill and overall ability – and don’t forget about Khan’s own punching power either – I see the unbeaten lightweight star retaining his unbeaten record in early September. Prescott, as he has made plain, will go all out in an attempt to win, but I see the Colombian walking into something hurtful as he does so.

I go for a Khan win in around six or seven rounds.

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Boxing News Breidis Prescott – “I KNOW I Can Knock Amir Khan Out!”