Paul Williams And Chris Arreola To Co-Headline Card On November 29th?

by James Slater – Two top-notch fighters who have been hoping for a big name opponent to face in their next fight, in Paul Williams and Chris Arreola, respectively, are set to return to action on the same bill in November – according to Williams, who had been hoping to land a fight with anyone from Antonio Margarito (in a rematch) to middleweight king Kelly Pavlik, is set to defend his WBO welterweight belt against an as yet unannounced challenger. While unbeaten heavyweight slugger Arreola, whose name has been linked with that of David Tua for some time now, will also be in action against a TBA..

Both men have fought on the same card in the past, and whoever the two fight on the November 29th card (venue yet to be determined, HBO to televise) it should prove interesting. Both fighters are exciting and almost always put on a good, fan-friendly showing. The two have something else in common, however, in that they have both been somewhat frustrated at not being able to land a big fight before the end of the year. Arreola has said time and again he’ll fight anyone, Tua included, but that potentially explosive fight is still being held up by money issues. While “The Punisher” is fast becoming one of the sport’s most avoided fighters.

As such, the two big punchers take what will likely be mark-time fights this coming November. There have been whispers that Britain’s Michael Jennings may be the man Williams faces next, whereas, with Tua out (for now, at least) we have no idea who “The Nightmare” will be squaring up to next. Now being looked at as perhaps the best undefeated U.S heavyweight, the fans want to see just how good Arreola can be. Should he face anyone other than a top name or contender in November – which is a distinctive possibility – the fans will not be any the wiser. It seems, through no fault of his own, that Arreola is treading water while waiting for that big, acid test of a fight.

Williams, too, is being forced to watch the clock tick on his career. How such a prominent and talented fighter cannot get a single big name to face him is more than a little puzzling. I wouldn’t go so far as to say his fellow welterweights are scared of him, but the fans know who they want to see Williams fight next – as they have made clear on this very web site. Confident he can beat anyone at 147, 154 and even 160 pounds, the lanky southpaw must be furious he is not getting the chance to prove it.

As good as Arreola and Williams are, it seems neither guy will be landing a super-fight in 2008.

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Boxing News Paul Williams And Chris Arreola To Co-Headline Card On November 29th?