Search For Next Great Heavyweight Champ Begins On “American Champion”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – April 24, 2008 – Mention the names Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Mike Tyson, or Rocky Marciano to anyone from 18 to 80, and you will immediately garner a reaction, a positive acknowledgement of athletes that held what was once seen as the most prestigious title in all of sports – the world heavyweight championship..

But today, ask someone who the heavyweight champion is, and you will receive either a blank stare or multiple answers, thanks to both boxing politics and the fact that those who hold this title have become faceless. Why, because talented and charismatic athletes over 200 pounds have turned to greener pastures on football gridirons across America.

This year, in a groundbreaking TV series that will set the standard in reality sports programming, boxing will look to those gridirons to find an “American Champion” to once again bring attention and prestige to the world heavyweight championship.

American Champion producers have approached several networks regarding the first American Champion show that would air in late fall of 2008.

The series will be produced by Motor Entertainment of Hollywood, CA, led by award winning producers Greg McClatchy and Jason Williams, in partnership with successful boxing promoter Roy Englebrecht.

“We already know they can hit,” said Englebrecht, owner of Roy Englebrecht Promotions and Roy Englebrecht Events who’s fight promotions company is the largest in California in terms of shows promoted. “Let’s identify those huge guys who have the heart to take their skill on the football field and move it into the square ring. They’re coming from one discipline – football – at 24 years old, in shape, fine tuned, right into our boxing training program.”’

“American Champion” will begin its search with 75 elite athletes from college football programs from around the country. These are athletes who have been team captains, All-America candidates, and award winners who have fallen through the cracks when it came to being drafted into the NFL. Normally, not receiving a phone call on draft day would mark the end of their athletic journey. But their size, talent, intelligence and desire has given them another chance at pro sports in the boxing ring, and under the tutelage of some of America’s top boxing trainers including the likes of renowned trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr., they will learn the art of the sweet science from one of its finest teachers.

“You look at football, it’s just like boxing.” said Mayweather, who has been in the corner of fighters from his son, Floyd Jr. to the “Golden Boy”, Oscar De La Hoya. “It’s a sport where you make contact. And these guys know what pain is all about. That’s a good thing.”

“American Champion” is not a reality series…it’s reality. There will be no ‘challenges’ or other hijinks that have no correlation to learning how to become a world champion. The initial 75 athletes will be narrowed down to 30 after a series of intense mental and physical tests, and from that group, six athletes will be chosen to live and train together full-time at the American Champion sports facility.

There, a camera crew will film the drama, the pain, and the physical action that will test the will of each new prizefighter. The six men will become like brothers while training, pushing each other to perform when the bell rings, and they will not fight each other. Instead, the athletes will be developed into true professional boxers, and cameras will follow them as they make their way across the country to various fight venues, giving viewers an unprecedented look into the life on the road, in hotels, and behind the scenes that all potential champions experience.

“College football players and elite athletes who train properly, who are managed properly, and who are matched properly, can be successful in the heavyweight division,” said Englebrecht, one of the premier promoters in the fight game today. “They can bring new life to the heavyweight division, as they brought life to the athletic field. It can be done, it will be done.”

In the end, “American Champion” plans to give the heavyweight division the shot in the arm it needs while developing a star outside of the ring, as well as inside of it, a key element in bringing boxing back to the masses, as the boxers that have the skill and charisma that people can relate to – like Ali or De La Hoya – are the ones who transcend the sport.

“Just like American Idol needs people with real talent, so does heavyweight boxing,” said

American Champion producer Jason Williams. “Heavyweight boxing needs big, fast, smart, quick, dedicated strong willed guys and American Champion is going to bring that star talent to the ring and the whole world of boxing.”

Who is the next great heavyweight? “American Champion” will provide the answer to that question.

All former or current college or pro football players and elite athletes interested in attending an American Champion Tryout Camp, can register at or contact Roy Englebrecht at 949-760-3131 or by email at

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Boxing News Search For Next Great Heavyweight Champ Begins On “American Champion”