Edwin Valero To Make Fourth World Title Defence On June 12th

23.04.08 – by James Slater: Quite possibly the single hardest punching world champion in boxing today, the unbeaten and quite sensational Edwin Valero fights again on June the 12th. Making the 4th defence of his WBA super featherweight championship, the 26 year old Venezuelan boxes Japan’s Takehiro Shimada in Tokyo..

Valero, as all fans know, cannot fight inside the United States due to some abnormality regarding a brain scan of his a while back. Therefore the big punching and very exciting fighter known as “Dinamata” is forced to fight in exotic locals such as Panama, Mexico and Japan. It’s a shame, because U.S fight fans would love the chance to see the unbeaten banger in the flesh. Those that have seen him know how frightening and powerful a man he is. With all 23 of his wins coming by KO – a staggering 19 of them in one round! – the WBA champion’s fists are clearly full of the kind of dynamite his nickname suggests. So what chance does the 22-3-1(15) Shimada have against the lethal southpaw?

Judging by his age, the Japanese fighter is in over his head in this one. At age 36, and with only 12 wins over opponents who had winning records, Shimada is no overly formidable world title challenger. Having fought his entire pro career in Tokyo, the 36 year old simply lacks the experience needed to cope with the awesome Valero. Shimada has won his last 11 fights, however, and will no doubt give it as good a go as he possibly can. With Valero, though, another first round KO in the defending champion’s favour cannot be ruled out.

Valero won his WBA belt in August of 2006, against Vicente Mosquera. On that occasion, not only did he have to travel into the later rounds of a fight to win (10th round TKO) but Valero also hit the deck himself. This only adds to the excitement of a Valero fight, though. He can be hit and hurt himself, if he doesn’t take his man out quickly – as he usually does. With his choice of opponents limited due to his not being allowed to fight in America, the world is not even seeing the best of the 26 year old phenomenon, either. This no doubt accounts for the less than stellar challenge of Shimada next time out.

Look for Valero to keep his belt in quick time once again – very possibly in less than a few minutes!

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Boxing News Edwin Valero To Make Fourth World Title Defence On June 12th