British Boxing: Alex to Carry the Flag


Werrington’s 22 year old heavyweight Alex Ibbs will become the latest Stoke-on-Trent based boxer to seek to win honours in a high profile event. Alex takes part in the first ‘Prizefighter Series’ which takes place at York Hall, Bethnal Green on 11th April..

The brainchild of sports promoter Barry Hearn, the ‘Prizefighter Series’ pits eight of the UK’s heavyweights against each other in a knock-out competion; the winner taking £25,000 in prize money. Promoted by Matchroom Sports the event will be televised live by Sky Sports.

Each bout will consist of three three-minute rounds. Quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final will all be held on the same evening. In the event that contests go the distance three BBBofC appointed judges will decide the winner.

Ibbs will travel to London this weekend for the draw for the first round of the competition which will take place live on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM programm at 10:30 and will be broadcast on both Sky 1 and Sky Sports 1.

In addition to Alex the following heavyweights will also take part in the competition:

Billy Bessey (Portsmouth, England) Age 34 – 12 fights, seven wins

Paul Butlin (Leicestershire, England) Age 31 – 16 fights, 11 victories

David Dolan (Sunderland, England) Age 28 – Unbeaten, seven fights, seven wins

Dave Ferguson (North Shields, England) Age 32 – Unbeaten, five fights, five wins

Colin Kenna (Southampton, England) Age 31 – 24 fights, 16 wins – Former Southern Area Champion

Darren Morgan (Swansea, Wales) Age 31 – Eight fights, five wins

Martin Rogan (Belfast, Northern Ireland) Age 33 – Unbeaten, seven fights, seven wins

“I’m the youngest and least experienced of all the entrants,” said Ibbs today, “so there’s no pressure on me. Although I’d love to win the whole event very people will be expecting me to.”

“However, in this format of three rounds per bout I have as good as chance as anyone, the key to the competition is to be out of the blocks quick and to throw scoring shots rapidly. In this respect my age is an advantage; I am generally regarded as having fast hands for a heavyweight and I can be pretty mobile too when I need to be.”

“My training has gone very well and I am ready for the challenge. I’ve sparred with some very experienced heavyweights and have learned a lot over the last few weeks.”

“Whatever the final outcome I intend to give a good account of myself and would love to catch the eye of one of the country’s leading promoters. It would be great for me to get a call from one of them after the show.”