InsideBoxing Request Judges be Disciplined and Banned!

November 27, 2007 – In an email sent to both José Sulaimán Chagnón , President World Boxing Council and Ron Scott Stevens, Chairman of New York State Athletic Department, InsideBoxing on behalf of readers, and boxing fans around the world, requested that both organizations take strict measures against the official judges of the Joel Casamayor vs. Jose Armando Santa Cruz contest..

“To alleviate any speculation of wrong doings or favoritism by the judges to fighters or promoters, we ask your organization to suspend, fine and ban these judges from ever scoring an official boxing contest.” The email wants the organizations to set precedence and help restore confidence by the general boxing public.

Controversial decisions in boxing are common for the simple reason judges see and score fights differently. Some judges may have an eye for defense while others may look for aggressive punching. Some judges like footwork and ring generalship while others do not and elect to ignore that factor in scoring.

Take a fight you didn’t agree with the outcome and watch the fight again, this time giving the winner the benefit of the doubt. After viewing the fight a second time you can usually find a basis on why the judges scored the fight the way they did.

Then there are fights like the Casamayor vs. Santa Cruz that no matter how many times you watch them, you cannot find any factor that would justify the judges scoring. So as fans you have to believe some hidden agenda has taken place.

OFFICIALS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! And it’s up to the rule making organizations to ensure the public and fighters of equality when it comes to scoring. In this case, the NYSAD and the WBC are the two organizations that can take disciplinary action against the judges. NYSAD. Being a state government agency makes the rules for the state of New York and the rules set forth by the NYSAD are not only rules but become law. And breaking the law should be punishable.

Thus far has yet to receive any response from either organization and hopes this is not another case of “Ignore the problem and it will go away”. As a matter a fact, Ron Scott Stevens has already given an indication that he will do nothing in cooperating with InsideBoxing’s request. Shortly after the contest between Casamayor and Santa Cruz, InsideBoxing emailed Mr. Stevens requesting the names of the judges judging the fight. InsideBoxing never heard back. secured the names of the three judges in question though other sources and sent out the request for the judges to be disciplined on behalf of all boxing fans on November 21, 2007.

We urge you all to send both the WBC and NYSAD emails and letters in support of InsideBoxing’s request for discipline. Please cc at , together we cannot be ignored.

Ron Scott Stevens, Chairman, New York State Department of State, New York State Athletic Commission, 123 William Street, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10038

José Sulaimán Chagnón , President, World Boxing Council Cuzco 872, Colonia Lindavista 07300 Mexico, D. F. MEXICO

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