“Ding-A-Ling Man” Darnell Wilson Bombs Out Davis

25.02.07 – By Michael Amakor: In another crossroads fight in the Cruiserweight Division, Darnell Wilson knocked out former IBA Americas, USBA, and IBF Cruiserweight boxing Champion Kelvin “Concrete” Davis in three rounds at the Catholic Youth Center, Scranton, Pennsylvania in a bout televised live on ESPN2. Mike Tyson look-a-like Kelvin” Concrete” Davis won the first round by feinting and leading with his jab trying to corner the very slow range finding Wilson against the ropes, but Wilson began to apply pressure in the middle of the round with heavy combinations that missed the ducking Davis..

The boxing fight turned frenetic after an exchange sent Wilson’s mouth piece flying to the canvas, he tried to catch it momentarily, and Davis leapt in with overhand rights and body shots trying to end the fight but Wilson held on.

In round two, Kelvin picked off where he left off, jabbing, hooking and unleashing a counter left that sent the off- balance Wilson down to the canvas on the seat of his pants, he leapt up immediately protesting the standing eight count from the referee. Wilson woke up after that and began pressuring Davis, missing with his combinations as Davis weaved these shots and picked him out with jabs and body shots. Wilson seemed to be winded as he kept walking into jabs and missing with his very slow pawing jabs, he got wilder with his shots in the last minute of the round but his punches did not quite land on the dancing Davis. Round to Davis.

In round three, Davis lead with his jab and moved on the inside of Wilson who unleashed a wild flurry, Davis stepped in and unleashed a swinging right only to be countered with left from the powerful Wilson, the blow dazed Davis and he stumbled back and almost downward as Wilson moved in for the kill unleashing quick and wild combinations to the head of Davis who instead of retreating stood his ground trading with Wilson. A big mistake as Wilson kept connecting with his bombs including a right hook followed by a straight right that pursued Wilson down to the canvas rolling all the way on his back and dazedly back to his feet. The referee jumped in for the count, gave the standard eight count, and instructed Davis to walk towards him. Davis nodded and dazedly stumbled ahead right past him forcing the referee to wave off the fight at 1.58th mark.

This is an impressive win for Darnell Wilson, his record improves to 21-5-3, this is his third straight victory in a row over legitimate contenders including Dale Brown and Daniel Judah and this victory may garner more support for a title shot down the road against reigning titlist O’Neil Bell who he remarked after this fight that he would love to fight. The future is now uncertain for the former champ Koncrete Davis who after 3 uninspiring wins and a draw with Charles Shufford, his record is now even more stained at 24-5-2 with losses to O’Neil Bell, Cunningham, and Guillermo Jones.

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Boxing News “Ding-A-Ling Man” Darnell Wilson Bombs Out Davis