Shaw Says He Needs To Hear From Team Marquez To Negotiate Vazquez Fight

29.12.06 – Ricardo Lois, Los Angeles — Yesterday, it was widely reported that the managers of Israel Vazquez (Frank Espinoza) and Rafael Marquez (Ignacio Beristain) are highly interested in a duel between the crowd pleasing Mexican sluggers. Today, Gary Shaw, promoter for Rafael Marquez, informed Boxing Confidential that the bout has been discussed with Marquez’s co-promoter Jaime Quintana (head of Romanza Promotions). Shaw directed Quintana to get an idea on the size of the purse Marquez’s team would deem reasonable for the proposed Marquez v. Vazquez fight..

As of this afternoon, Shaw has not been contacted by Quintana in regards to Marquez’s financial parameters for the proposed fight.

Shaw made it clear that the fight is a possibility, along with other attractive encounters with the likes of Celestino Caballero and Jhonny Gonzalez, but no further negotiations can be made until Shaw is contacted by Marquez’s representatives.

When Beristain was contacted at his Mexico City boxing gym, he made the following statement.

“It surprises that Gary does not know how much Rafael Marquez wants for a fight. Quintana is close to Gary, so he should know. I want to congratulate Israel Vazquez for being a real fighter, willing to fight other Mexicans; unlike Marco Antonio Barrera who has avoided Juan Manuel Marquez and continues to do so.”

When asked how much it would take to get Marquez in the ring with Vazquez.

“$250,000 sounds like a reasonable purse in the current boxing economy,” stated Beristain.

Until that message is officially relayed to Mr. Gary Shaw, Marquez finds himself in a holding pattern.

Other notes from my conversation with Shaw:

– The winner of the Antonio Izquierdo and Nick Casal lightweight battle on ShoBox January 5th, 2007 can expect to headline a ShoBox show during April, 2007.

– Pro Elite, Shaw’s Mixed Martial Arts promotion set to debut on Showtime February 10, 2006, will present six shows during 2006.

– Diego Corrales, still under contract with Gary Shaw Promotions, has yet to inform Gary Shaw Productions as to which weight class Corrales will compete in for his next fight. It has been speculated that Corrales would move up in weight, but until Diego contacts Gary, no plans will be made for Chico’s next fight.

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