The Semifinalists are Set at the 2006 Junior Olympic National Championships


(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) – Quarterfinal competition rolled into evening competition on Thursday at the 2006 Junior Olympic National Championships in Marquette, Mich. The semifinalists in eight weight classes were determined in the Northern Michigan University Superior Dome. The pinweight division once again opened competition with three quarterfinal contests. Louis Byrd (Denver, Colo.) grabbed the first victory of the evening in his bout with Mitchell Foley (Alpharetta, Ga.)..

Byrd won a second round stoppage outscored over Foley and will meet Brandon Williams (Rochester, N.Y.) in semifinal action. Williams won a 19-9 victory over Taylor Shirley (Pullayup, Wash.) in quarterfinal competition to advance to his semifinal bout. Carlos Alcala (Haltom City, Texas) recorded the third pinweight victory of the evening with a 15-12 decision over Patrick Amaro (Woodland, Calif.). Alcala will face off with Juan Thomas (Wailuku, Hawaii) in the semifinal round following a Thomas walkover win.

Two stoppages set off flyweight quarterfinal competition, beginning with the match-up between Paul Romero (Phoenix, Ariz.) and Steven Timbs (Johnson City, Tenn.). Romero controlled the contest, giving Timbs a standing eight count on his way to winning a second round referee stops contest outscored. Romero will face Andre Keys (Tacoma, Wash.) in semifinal competition. Keys won a 26-19 decision over Adam Lopez (Murrieta, Calif.) in their quarterfinal bout. Raul Lopez (Bronx, N.Y.) recorded the second stoppage victory in the flyweight division, winning a second round stoppage outscored over Glen Gibson (St. Louis, Mo.). Lopez will face off with Mohamed Adam (Dearborn, Mich.) in the semifinal round. Adam won a 19-12 decision over Issac Torres (Mission, Texas) in their quarterfinal contest.

Christopher Avalos (Lancaster, Calif.) won the lone stoppage win in the bantamweight division, stopping Joel Baglio (Lake Charles, La.) in the second round of their quarterfinal bout. Avalos moves on to a semifinal contest with Ronny Rois (Santa Ana, Calif.). Rois won his first bout of the tournament on Thursday night, taking a 17-4 decision over Jentson Gumtang (Pakalani, Hawaii). 2005 Cadet World Championships team member Roberto Marroquin (Irving, Texas) recorded his second victory of the tournament, winning a 26-13 decision over Danny Aquino (Meriden, Conn.). Marroquin moves on to face Joseph Guerra (Las Cruces, N.M.) in the next round. Guerra won a 19-14 decision in his quarterfinal contest with Adam Ochoa (Amarillo, Texas).

In lightweight action, Juan Gonzalez (Phoenix, Ariz.), won a 7-2 decision over William Madera (Albany, N.Y.) in quarterfinal action to move on to a semifinal match-up with Hector Vasquez (Irving, Texas). Vasquez, the 2006 Silver Gloves champion, won a 13-9 victory over Emanuel Taylor (Edgewood, Md.). On the opposite side of the bracket, Michael Perez (San Antonio, Texas) and Lavonte Green (Cleveland Heights, Md.) battled to a 4-4 tie at the end of the contest. The total punch count tiebreaker ended in an 8-8 tie, causing the bout to go to a judge’s poll to determine the victor. Perez won the bout on a 3-2 judge’s poll to move on to a semifinal match-up with Javier Molina (Commerce, Calif.). Molina moved on to the medal round with a 10-2 victory over Michael Morales (Baypoint, Calif.).

Three welterweight boxers recorded stoppage victories in their quarterfinal contests beginning with Glen Tapia (Pasaic, N.J.). Tapia won a dominating second round stoppage over Edward Campos (Merced, Calif.) to move on to semifinal action, where he will face Carlos Andrade (Phoenix, Ariz.). Andrade won a third round stoppage victory over Huey Lynn (Tulsa, Okla.) in quarterfinal action to advance. David Garcia (Oxnard, Calif.) recorded the third stoppage of the welterweight division, stopping Alex Lopez (Boise, Idaho) in the third round of their quarterfinal bout to earn a spot in the semifinal bout with LeAndre White (Detroit, Mich.). White won the lone welterweight decision of the day, defeating Anthony Campbell (Covington, Tenn.), 9-6.

The stoppages continued in the middleweight division and the two stoppage victors will face off in the semifinal round. Defending champion Dominic Wade (Largo, Md.) recorded his second stoppage of the tournament in his quarterfinal contest with Raymond Martinez (Spring, Texas). Wade delivered two standing eight counts before the referee jumped in and stopped the contest. Wade will face off with Michael Rauchut (Philadelphia, Pa.) in the semifinals following Rauchut’s second round stoppage of Kelvin Gathings (Las Vegas, Nev.). On the opposite side of the bracket, Issac Atencio (Denver, Colo.) will battle 2006 Silver Gloves champion Steve Greffard (Boca Raton, Fla.). Atencio won a 21-14 decision over Troy Perry (Paterson, N.J.) in their quarterfinal match-up. Greffard moved on with a 10-6 victory over Ramon Valenzuela (Chicago, Ill.)

The heavyweight division took the ring for the first time on Thursday night with four bouts on tap in quarterfinal competition. 2006 Aliyev Cup champion Keith Tapia (Bronx, N.Y.) won his first bout of the event with a second round stoppage victory over David Robles (Bend, Ore.). Tapia built up a 15-point advantage in the second round to win his first bout and advance on to a semifinal match-up with Armando Pina (Chicago, Ill.). Pina won a slim 12-11 decision over Juan Escobedo (Denver, Colo.) in their quarterfinal match-up to move on. Keith Hunt (Peterson, N.J.) won his first bout of the event as well, taking an 11-3 decision over Nicholas Kisner (Glen Burnie, Md.). Hunt will battle Henry Perez (Bay City, Texas) in the semifinal round. Perez won an 11-4 decision over Reuben Maxwell (Cleveland, Ark.) in his quarterfinal contest to advance.

The super heavyweight division was the final weight class to advance to semifinal competition and defending champion Trevor Bryan (Albany, N.Y.) moved one step closer to a second straight title. Bryan won a disqualification victory over Joseph Goodie (Careacro, La.) in his first bout of the competition. Bryan will take on Alex Rivera (Desert Hot Springs, Calif.) in semifinal competition. Rivera won a first round stoppage over Justin Novaria (Dresdon, Ohio) in their quarterfinal match-up. Zakki Scott (Temple Hills, Md.) won the final super heavyweight bout of the day, defeating Cecil Chandler (McLaughlin, S.D.), 23-6 to move to the second super heavyweight semifinal. Scott will face off with Matthew Burgress (Tacoma, Wash.), following Burgress’ walkover victory.

Micaela Arce (Reno, Nev.) won the first women’s bout of the tournament, defeating Brittany Cruz (Thornton, Colo.) in their lightweight quarterfinal bout.

Semifinal competition will begin at 11 a.m. on Friday at Northern Michigan University’s Superior Dome.

July 29 – Evening Quarterfinal Bouts
101 lbs/46 kg: Carlos Alcala, Haltom City, Texas dec. Patrick Amaro, Woodland, Calif., 15-12
101 lbs/46 kg: Brandon Williams, Rochester, N.Y. dec. Taylor Shirley, Pullayup, Wash., 19-9
101 lbs/46 kg: Juan Thomas, Wailuku, Hawaii, won on walkover over Wilfredo Hernandez, Chicago, Ill., W/O
101 lbs/46 kg: Louis Byrd, Denver, Colo., stoped Mitchell Foley, Alpharetta, Ga., RSCO-2
110 lbs/50 kg: Paul Romero, Phoenix, Ariz., stopped Steven Timbs, Johnson City, Tenn., RSCO-2
110 lbs/50 kg: Mohamed Adam, Dearborn, Mich., dec. Issac Torres, Mission, Texas, 19-12
110 lbs/50 kg: Andre Keys, Tacoma, Wash., dec. Adam Lopez, Murrieta, Calif., 26-19
110 lbs/50 kg: Raul Lopez, Bronx, N.Y., stopped Glen Gibson, St. Louis, Mo., RSCO-2
119 lbs/54 kg: Ronny Rois, Santa Ana, Calif., dec. Jentson Gumtang, Paklanani, Hawaii, 17-4
119 lbs/54 kg: Christopher Avalos, Lancaster, Calif., stopped Joel Baglio, Lake Charles, La., RSCO-2
119 lbs/54 kg: Joseph Guerra, Las Cruces, N.M., dec. Adam Ochoa, Amarillo, Texas, 19-14
119 lbs/54 kg: Roberto Marroquin, Irving, Texas dec. Danny Aquino, Meriden, Conn., 26-13
132 lbs/60 kg: Hector Vasquez, Irving, Texas dec. Emanuel Taylor, Edgewood, Md., 13-9
132 lbs/60 kg: Juan Gonzalez, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. William Madera, Albany, N.Y., 7-2
132 lbs/60 kg: Michael Perez, San Antonio, Texas, dec. Lavonte Green, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 4-4 (8-8) (3-2 judges poll)
132 lbs/60 kg: Javier Molina, Commerce, Calif., dec. Michael Morales, Baypoint, Calif., 10-2
132 lbs/60 kg/female: Micaela Arce, Reno, Nev., dec. Brittany Cruz, Thornton, Colo., 6-3
145 lbs/66 kg: Glen Tapia, Passaic, N.J., stopped Edward Campos, Merced, Calif., RSCH-2
145 lbs/66 kg: David Garcia, Oxnard, Calif., stopped Alex Lopez, Boise, Idaho, RSC-3
145 lbs/66 kg: Carlos Andrade, Phoenix, Ariz., stopped Huey Lynn, Tulsa, Okla., RSC-3
145 lbs/66 kg: LeAndre White, Detroit, Mich., dec. Anthony Campbell, Phoenix, Ariz., 9-6
165 lbs/75 kg: Steve Geffrard, Boca Raton, Fla., dec. Ramon Valenzuela, Chicago, Ill., 10-6
165 lbs/75 kg: Michael Rauchut, Philaelphia, Pa., stopped Kelvin Gathings, Las Vegas, Nev., RSC-2
165 lbs/75 kg: Issac Atencio, Denver, Colo., dec. Troy Perry, Peterson, N.J., 11-3
165 lbs/75 kg: Dominic Wade, Largo, Md., stopped Raymond Martinez, Spring, Texas, RSC-2
189 lbs/86 kg: Keith Hunt, Peterson, N.J., dec. Nicholas Kisner, Glen Burnie, Md., 11-3
189 lbs/86 kg: Armando Pina, Chicago, Ill., dec. Juan Escobedo, Denver, Colo., 12-11
189 lbs/86 kg: Keith Tapia, Bronx, N.Y., stopped David Robles, Bend, Ore., RSCO-2
189 lbs/86 kg: Henry Perez, Bay City, Texas dec. Reuben Maxwell, Cleveland, Ark., 11-4
201+ lbs/91+ kg: Trevor Bryan, Albany, N.Y., won on disqualification over Joseph Goodie, Careacro, La., DQ
201+ lbs/91+ kg: Matthew Burgress, Tacoma, Wash., won on walkover over Ronald Chase, McLaughlin, S.D., W/O 201+ lbs/91+ kg: Alex Rivera, Desert Hot Springs, Calif., stopped Justin Novaria, Dresdon, Ohio, RSC-1
201+ lbs/91+ kg: Zakki Scott, Temple Hill, Md., dec. Cecil Chandler, McLaughlin, S.D., 23-6