Danny Williams: The Ex-Pat’s Back


27.11.05 – Audley Harrison sneaked back into Britain this morning ahead of his Commonwealth title showdown with Danny Williams on December 10 at the ExCeL London and the Brixton puncher promptly promised to send the Ex-Patriot back home to Las Vegas after their fight. Dynamite Dan is fired up for this fight like no other and wants to prove to the British public that Harrison is really just all hype and no fight.

“I look at Harrison as an Ex-Pat,” stormed Williams.

“He quit Britain so he didn’t have to fight the best here, even Lennox Lewis faced the best here and won the British title before he moved on to America,”

“Harrison instead chose the bright lights and glitter of Las Vegas and surrounding himself with ‘Yes’ men hoping to become a big player out there,”

“How can you be number one in the Capital of boxing if you’re not number one in your own Capital?”

“He has never been taken seriously by the American media and public because of the quality of opponents he has fought like Robert Wiggins, Lisandro Diaz and Brian Nix,”

“In contrast, when I fought in America and beat Mike Tyson in Louisville last year I was mobbed by the public and media,”

He added, “So now he’s come back to Britain with his tail between his legs because he has realised that he must fight me before he can do anything else in his career and for the American’s to take him seriously,”

“I hear Harrison’s only taking me because he believes that I might be passed my best because of the Vitali Klitschko fight but I think that the bright lights in Vegas have affected his judgement and on December 10 he will realise it,”

“I’ve got double the amounts of fights he’s had, I’ve got the big-title fight experience that he’s never had and I can back up my boast with my power so I can’t see how Harrison can win,”

“Not only will my boxing skill be too much for him – my pride will not lose to a glamour boy,”

“Ol’ Powderpuff couldn’t even put away a washed-up Julius Francis last year who I stopped inside four rounds and that was over four years ago,”

“My training couldn’t have gone any better, I’m ready to fight right now and can’t wait for December 10 and fighting putting Harrison in retirement,”

Williams finished by saying, “He might love the bright lights in Las Vegas but he should be more concerned about me putting out his lights and sending him on the first plane home to improve his American accent.”

The big-fight will be televised live on ITV1 from 8.55pm to 10.10pm and will also feature Olympic Silver Medallist Amir Khan in his fourth professional fight.