Camarena Gearing Up For Ngoudjo

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (October 31, 2005) – WBC Continental Americas Super Lightweight champion Donald Camarena has positioned himself to make a run for a world title. Camarena has his radar set on NABF and newly crowned WBC International champion Herman Ngoudjo..

Ngoudjo (12-0) rated #10 by the WBC won the NABF crown by defeating Eloy Rojas on February 26, 2005. In Ngoudjo’s last fight he beat Emanuel Augustus and added the WBC International title to his resume.

Camarena (16-1) rated # 23 by the WBC won his WBC Continental Americas title by defeating James Crayton on April 24, 2005. Camarena successfully defended his title on August 12 against Mexican Olympian Jorge Padilla.

The two fighters are on a collision course which will determine which contender is ready for the big time.

Camarena has publicly said he wants to fight a top 10 rated fighter and it happens that Ngoudjo fits the picture. Not only does Ngoudjo fit the picture by being rated #10 with the WBC but also holds two titles. Titles, that Camarena will gladly add to his list of championships.

Camarena puts Ngoudjo on notice, “If you want to be a champion, then fight like one. You have 2 belts; defend them against a fighter who wants them. Quit picking fighters outside the top rated to meet your required defenses. I will gladly put my WBC Continental Americas on the line.”

Aurelio Martinez, Camarena’s trainer and manager has sent both the WBC International and NABF notification that Camarena is more than willing to challenge Ngoudjo for his belts. Both organizations have said they would make Camarena the mandatory challenger for Ngoudjo.

“We are elated that both organizations have recognized the purpose of having legitimate ratings is to put forth competitive contest. Said Martinez

Should Camarena be successful in defending his title and dethroning Ngoudjo for his, then he would most definitely prove to the world he is ready for any of the top 5 rated fighters in the world.

Camarena has intelligently utilized the tools put forth by the WBC organization to gain experience, confidence and the generalship it takes to become a world champion. First he tackled and won the WBC Intercontinental Mundo Hispano title. He then climbed the ladder and became the WBC World Youth champion and now he holds the WBC Continental Americas crown.

Camarena feels by defeating Ngoudjo and winning the NABF and WBC International titles he will climb the final steps of the ladder and walk onto the plateau of world class fighters.

The question is will Ngoudjo defend against a bone fide challenger or will he side step Camarena, give up his titles and cower?