The Big Payback


29.09.05 – By Shon Macklin: On October 1, 2005 the third match between Roy Jones, Jr. and Antonio Tarver will commence at the St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL USA. This is sure to be a high-tension duel between these two because their history is quite deep. You see, there’s something more than just their two previous match-ups. These two are childhood rivals.

On the same amateur team, these two were highly competitive; neck and neck in achievements and sharing the same goals. However, Tarver would eventually stray from boxing and try other sports. It wasn’t until his newfound ventures came to an abrupt end, seeing Jones in the Olympic spotlight; did he figure that he should have been there, in the Olympics because he was just as good, if not better than Roy. He got back into the sport on a rampage, tearing and ripping through his opponents in awe-inspiring fashion.

After splitting their previous two bouts, Tarver is looking to break Jones down and win by KO. He knows that the single punch that stopped Roy Jones, Jr. on May 15, 2004; would be impossible to achieve again. His plan will be to out-box and over power Jones to score the KO.

Roy Jones, Jr. has been on top of the world. Success has come easy for him. Collecting wins became an effortless endeavor. His opponents fell before him so easily that he could play organized basketball games before a match, and with his spare time he made rap music.

Roy Jones, Jr. had an attitude that his father, who trained Roy, could not tolerate. Eventually, the two couldn’t see eye-to-eye and a rift began to form between the father and son. Roy Jr. wanted to do things his way, and had no room for his father during this time. Perhaps not having Roy Sr. around to prepare for fights was Roy Jr.’s undoing. I guess that question will be answered on October 1, 2005 because Papa Jones is back, and has revised the Jones style of boxing.

Surely Roy Jones, Sr. saw the handful of holes in his son’s defense. Maybe even the lack of a consistent jab. Whatever it is that they’ve done to correct the flaws, it will be interesting to see if Roy Jones, Jr. can acquire “The Big Payback.”

In other fight news: Chris Byrd 38-2-1 will face-off against DaVarryl Williamson 22-3 and Dominick Guinn 25-2-1 will go toe-to-toe with James Toney 68-4-2 at the Event Center, Reno, NV USA on October 1, 2005.
Larry Donald 42-3-3 will square up against Nikolay Valuev 41-0 at the EWE Arena, Oldenburg, Germany on October 1, 2005.