“Speedy” Gonzales vs Derrick Wilmore in SOLO BOXEO Co-Main

31.08.04 – Dominic Pesoli’s 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum’s Top Rank Incorporated along with Miller Lite are proud to announce further details of Mexican Independence Brawl at the Hawthorne Race Course on Friday, September 10th.

The Hawthorne Race Course is located at 35th and Laramie on the Chicago/Cicero border, just minutes from the Eisenhower and Stevenson expressways. Tickets, starting at $25, are available in advance by calling 312-226-5800. Doors open at 6pm, first bell is at 7pm.

Headlining the internationally televised SOLO BOXEO/Telefutura card is a ten round junior welterweight showdown between Argentinean Omar Weis, 30-4-3 (16KO’s) of Los Angeles, CA and Mexican Arturo Morua, 18-6-1 (13KO’s) of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Weis is coming off a ten round decision over Emanuel Augustus and also has a win over Hector Camacho Jr., on his record in addition to hotly disputed decision losses to Zab Judah and Antonio Diaz.

Morua is coming over a very close twelve round split decision loss to Wilfredo Negron this past June, a fight which saw the gutsy Mexican dropped three times in the first half of the fight before mounting a huge comeback, just barely losing a very close fight to the former world title challenger.

After a very long search over the past three weeks amongst top junior welterweights prospects all over the country, Floridian Derrick Wilmore, 6-3 (1KO) will head to Chicago to face Al “Speedy” Gonzales, 14-1-1 (7KO’s) in the co-main event.

Speaking about the difficulty finding a dance partner for this bout, “Speedy” said, “its been crazy, Jerry (Alfano, matchmaker for 8 Count Productions) has been on the phone for the last three weeks. All these guys talk about fighting anybody, its all bull. This is a great opportunity to fight on live TV, for good money, and a chance to show what you’ve got against another top prospect and yet nobody wanted the fight.”

‘I’m out here in LA with Jessie Reid getting in terrific shape and these guys are on the internet running their mouths but then when it comes down to fighting they back off, cause they’re not in the gym or they’re not ready”

Speaking specifically about Wilmore, “Speedy” said, “I hear he’s a tough guy from Florida and I’m sure he sees this as his opportunity to show the world what he’s got. Guys like this that are sort of unseen you gotta be very careful of. The guy that just beat Luciano a couple of weeks back had just a couple of pro fights and I heard he really came to fight. I gotta be smart here and prepare myself as if he’s world ranked so I don’t get surprised.”

“Speedy” has been in Southern California since late July and also spoke about training in the Los Angeles area as well as his upcoming bout, working with world class trainer Jessie Reid, a rematch with Demetrius Hopkins and his nemesis in the press, Paul Malignaggi.

“Its been great out here, very professional, Jessie sets up everything from the start and there’s been great opportunities to work with different types of fighters, not only in his gym but all over Southern California, especially Wild Card (Freddie Roach’s gym). One day as I’m on the speedbag I hear someone tell me its time to move and I turn around and its James Toney. He moves pretty quick in the gym for a big fella.”

“Also out here, there’s much more sparring opportunities, better places to run, when I went back to Chicago for the Hopkins fight, I was in the best shape in my life. The fight didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, sort of unfinished business for both of us, he said he would fight me again but not in Chicago. Fine by me, we can do it in Philly, his hometown, or Atlantic City, just tell me when.”

Speaking about having had all his fights in the Chicagoland area, Speedy stated “that’s just the way things have worked out, I’ll travel anywhere, either coast and all points in between. Somebody wants to fight me in their hometown, just pick up the phone and I’ll be there.”

Chuckling at the mention of New York City based prospect Paul Malignaggi, said Speedy, “all that nonsense at the end of June on Boxingtalk.net about his hosting my retirement party, that was almost 60 days ago and still his promoter hasn’t set up the fight with Dominic, hasn’t even offered us the fight. How can he talk like that and his promoter won’t even try and make the fight? I said before I would gladly pummel him, anytime, anywhere. In his backyard, his living room, in Times Square, they can set up the boxing ring in DiBella’s office if that makes him feel good, just tell me when and I’ll be there. The kid has no idea what he’s getting himself into. His promoter is being smart by matching him carefully rather that have him up against Demetrius, Bojado, Kendall Holt, Jessie Feliciano, Abdulaev, even Salita. Any of those guys and myself would destroy this little punk. He just uses our names, real fighters, to gain some type of credibility but he’ll NEVER fight any of us.”

Lastly “Speedy” wanted to thank his growing fan base “since I’ve been out here, I get recognized all the time from my fights on TV with Gutierrez, Feliciano and Hopkins. I look forward to putting on a great show on and moving onto bigger and better things in the future.”

Said Dominic Pesoli, President ot 8 Count Productions, “Speedy just a kid who loves to fight and the Chicagoland crowds have really taking a liking to him. Both in February and in June he had them on their feet in packed houses at DePaul from start to finish. Ever since the Gutierrez fight last July when he showed his heart by winning a bloody battle after suffering a broken jaw in the first round, the crowds have contined to grow. And so it continues on Sept. 10th at Hawthorne Race Course.”

Fan favorite and Illinois State Middleweight Champion “Macho” Miguel Hernandez is fast becoming Chicagoland’s most popular fighter and says about local crowds “they’re very educated fight fans, they want to see tough guys but they also enjoy seeing the technical aspects of the sport. Its a pleasure fighting in Chicago in front of the loyal fans, seems like the 8 Count shows keep getting bigger and better and the crowds seem to enjoy the high quality of fights.”

Speaking specifically of his most recent fight, a unanimous decision victory, on 8 Count Productions’ Hawthorne Heat last Friday against Mexican veteran Rudy Lovato, Miguel said “he was a very crafty veteran with over 50 fights against a very high caliber of opposition and didn’t come to survive. He was moving and peppering me right from the start, it took me a couple of rounds to cut off the ring and break him down. Me and Sam worked on a lot of new things for the fight and each fight continues to be a growing experience” continued Hernandez praising his trusted trainer Sam Colonna.

Asked about future fights, the modest Hernandez said “I don’t want to call out anyone, I’m in no position to do it. I want every fight to be tougher than the last and that’s the way its been since I joined 8 Count, every fight has been a learning experience and each has been tough for different reasons.”

Talking about the quick turnaround to this bout, Miguel said “I had my time off with more than two months between my last two fights, its time to get back at it, I didn’t get hurt against Lovato and I’m getting back in the gym this Monday.

This will be my last eight rounder than its on to ten rounders. I feel comfortable either at 154 or 160 so whichever weight makes sense for my upcoming fights is fine with me.” Asked about his current weight, the always in shape Hernandez said, “Right now its 165 after dinner.”

Speaking about his fighter, Dominic Pesoli, President of 8 Count Productions said, “When Miguel and I got together earlier this year, we developed a game plan and were sticking to it. Each fight is tougher than the last and each fight is a learning experience. He’s terrific to work with and he’s getting better with each fight.”

Also appearing on the card is super middleweight Don “Da Bomb” George making his pro debut, middleweight Carlos Molina, 2-0 and middleweight Rudy Cisneros, 1-1 (1KO) in separate bouts.