AAPRP Board of Directors Meet with Senator John McCain

14.07.04 – The American Association of Professional Ringside Physician’s (AAPRP) Board of Directors met with Senator John McCain in Washington, DC on Tuesday, July 13th, 2004 to discuss boxing safety and the new federal legislation.

“The Senator has been instrumental in improving boxing safety through legislation and his passion for the sport,” stated AAPRP Chairman Dr. Michael Schwartz, “we want to lend our support and assistance to insure that Senate Bill s275 and House Bill HR1281 become law.” The Senator encouraged the AAPRP to take an active role in contacting members of Congress to explain the significance of this legislation. “Without a strong commission like the United States Boxing Commission (USBC) to oversee safety issues in boxing, more fighters are likely to be at risk of becoming injured or even losing their lives” Schwartz continued.

Senator McCain applauded the AAPRP for it’s implementation of the first certification program for ringside physicians, developing ethical guidelines for ringside doctors and establishing basic medical guidelines and protocols for boxing safety. He also stated that he would like to see the AAPRP act as the “medical arm” of the USBC should the legislation be passed, thereby guaranteeing that safety would be one of the primary roles of the commission.

Present at the meeting was Ken Nahigian, Esq. – Counsel, Sub-Committee on Consumer Affairs, AAPRP Board Members Dr. William Lathan, Dr. Barry Jordan, Dr. Paul Wallace, Dr. Allan Fields, Dr. Richard Weinstein, Dr. Domenic Coletta, Mr. Harold Schwartz, Mr. Jack Hirsch (Vice-President BWAA), Mr. Michael Mazzulli (Executive Director of Boxing -Mohegan Sun Casino) and Laura B. Schwartz, Esq. (AAPRP Counsel).

“The AAPRP will ask all it’s members to contact their congressman to highlight the necessity for this legislation,” Dr. Schwartz said. “We are the only major sport without a central commission office and it is time we act together to restore some respectability and credibility to boxing.”

Established in 1997, the American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians was created to develop medical protocols and guidelines to insure the safety and protection of professional boxers. The organization is comprised of the brightest and most experienced ringside physicians throughout the world who are devoted and dedicated to the medical aspects of boxing. Since its inception, the AAPRP now includes physicians from around the globe, working towards a common goal of insuring health, safety and protection in the sport of boxing.

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Boxing News AAPRP Board of Directors Meet with Senator John McCain