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24.10.03 – Ron Champ Miller: Hello fight fans!!!! I’m back on the scene but before getting into the action, let me share with you my beginnings in the great sport. It started with ABC “Wide World of Sports”. Who could forget the introduction.(the guy taking the header on the slopes). But what stood out was Howard Cosell and the boxing. Thats where it started for me.

Another “black eye for boxing?” YES!!!!!!!Try 2….. I am so disgusted with boxing right now after the past couple of months. It started out with the Oscar Delahoya-Shane Mosley fight. I had Delahoya winning that fight, as Shane didnt do much. Sure he hit harder, but isnt scoring about quantity over quality as well? This decision was as bad as the Tito Trinidad-Oscar Delahoya a few years ago. I had Delahoya winning that fight comfortably. I also had Delahoya edging out Ike Quartey and beating Pernell Whitaker. I dont believe Delahoya gets gift decisions.

Delahoya in no way lost that fight. He was the busier fighter. Mosley did nothing for long periods of time. Sure he hit harder, but I judge fights by the more busier, more punches landed. Check the punch stats, DLH won. This is the 2nd time Delahoya has gotten ripped off. Again he beat Tito, giving him a boxing lesson in the process. He did not lose that fight. I do not believe that “he didnt deserve to win” theory some have. He beat Tito and I also find it funny that each year the rounds that DLH ran( its called being on your bicycle, like sitting on the ball in football) grows. Delahoya won both fights. End of story.

Not too long after that disgraceful decision, I watched fast Fres Oquendo beat Chris Byrd. Not so fast. Again the judges got this decision wrong. Oqueno clearly frustrated Byrd, and outworked him. He won hands down. Again, another bad decision.

That was it for me. I got so sick and tired of the “politricks” in boxing. I am now for open scoring. I think the good outweighs the bad here. It was bad enough when Lennox Lewis got ripped off against Evander Holyfield. Bad decisions are killing this great sport. So I took a break. But the love of the sport keeps me coming back. Sometimes I dont know why. It seems we fight fans are gluttons for punishment. Boxing takes 1 step forward with great fights, and then take 2 steps back. But I will trudge on.

I was impressed with James Toney. I thought he came in a bit heavy, but outworked Holyfield. He beat the legend up. Holyfield should have retired years ago. But he wont. A prime Holy would have beaten Toney and wiped the floor up with Ruiz. He will drive on, crazily thinking he will be undisputed champion once more. He will become this era’s Muhammad Ali. It will be sad, but unfortunately we can do nothing about it. Sometimes its up to someone else to step in, when you are destroying yourself. Hopefully his family or the commission will step in. But this will end badly, I think. Think of what Roy Jones would have done to him. Worse yet perhaps one of these young up and coming fighters will make a name for themselves beating Holyfield up. That would be a shame.

I’m not sure if Toney can compete with the superheavy’s, but I would give him a chance against the smaller men(Jones, Byrd, etc). Toney is not getting younger, so I am not so sure what his feature holds. I dont see Jones or Byrd fighting him, so perhaps he will go back down in weight.

No problem with the stoppage in the Joel Casamayor-Diego Corrales. This was a great fight. I have met Margaret Goodman. She is a class act and unlike most, cares about the fighters. I dont buy she stopped in because of she is a woman. She is a great competant Dr. who does a great job and continues to do a great job. I never thought much of Chico. He is a solid B fighter, but cant beat the elite guys(Floyd Mayweather and now Casa). I dont think he was rushed. Diego isnt that good.

And from the “Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated” department. I never believed Casa was done. Sure he didnt look too good against Nate Campbell, but styles make fights. Bottom line is that he won. I still think he beat Acelino Freitas only to be ripped off by Joe Cortez. Its too bad Popo is moving up. I think there was some definite unfinished business here.

Champs Flurries: Is that Winky Wright talking again? Why? Hasim Rahman-Johnny Ruiz? Why? I like Ruiz to win. Hoping that Antonio Tarver upsets Roy Jones, but dont bet on it. A Mike Tyson sighting in Florida. I dont want to ever hear Dariuz Michalczewski name mentioned with the great Rocky Marciano’s record. Anyone still believe DM would have beaten Roy? Dont get too excited Roy Jones fans. Julio Gonzalez still sucks. Good kid, bad fighter. Just shows how much the “tiger” is shot. Doesnt look good for Kobe. GO FISH!!!!!!!!

Thats it fight fans!!!Keep your hands up and keep punching for the stars!!!!!Feels good to be back!!!

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