Undefeated Hot Prospect Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin Ready For Ibarra Tonight

23.10.03 – Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: As part of Oscar DelaHoya’s fight card tomorrow night, Light Heavyweight Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin 14-0 (7 KO’s) will be fighting Arizona’s Florencio Ibarra 12-2-1 for the Miller Lite Texas Title Belt. Although the belt is a Marginal belt at best, it will give the talented Martin an excellent chance at showcasing his talent on a much larger stage for a more important prize than any of his previous fights. It will also be a definite step up in opposition.

Again, this is just another reason to come out to the fights instead of watching (only) the Televised portion on HBO Latino. The chance of seeing a budding star like Martin in person this early in his career is not worth passing up in my book.

Doors open at 7:30 pm. It should be an entertaining card and a large crowd should be on hand, so avoid the long lines and get your tickets early! Tickets are $20, $30, $40, and $75 for ringside seating. Tickets are also available at all Ticketmaster outlets and Fiesta Supermercado. To purchase tickets by phone simply call 713-629-3700

I was fortunate enough to sit down with him and discuss his opponent and his training for this fight. Enjoy.

Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: It’s 24 hours until the big show, how do you feel?

Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin: Excited and very pleased to be part of this event. This is the second time I fight for Golden Boy Promotions and like I was telling you, I just heard the news that I’m fighting for the Texas Title Belt and that makes it a little more exciting and happy and this is something that I’ve been wanting for a long time and every other boxer would want this to be a part of their dream to have come to fruition and I’m one of them today.

Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: Was there any indication that they were going to do that or were you just as surprised as I am?

Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin: I’m surprised just as you are (laughs)! What can I say? I’m happy and I’m ready to go.

Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: What do you expect from Florencio Ibarra?

Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin: Tough fight, a really tough fight because he has 12 wins 10 KO’s with only 3 loses and 2 draws and he’s been fighting for a long time. He’s a very experienced fighter and he’s a very good fighter. I can expect the best but I feel I’ve been working hard and I believe I’ve been working hard to pay the price to be here.

Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: You’ve don’t feel you’ve overworked yourself? I know in the past you’ve had a history of overworking yourself and Juan (you’re Trainer’s) always “Hey chill out man, you’ve fighting to do in the ring still!” How do you feel about the preparation for this particular fight?

Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin: I feel really good. I kind of took off my time on everything. I’ve been working on my mental strength and my physical strength too. One thing is that I’ve been overworked with my running a bit too much and over the last two won’t have any trouble with my weight and I feel good.

Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: What do you expect tomorrow night. I know you mentioned Ibarra’s statistics but what do you know about him? What are Ibarra’s strengths that you know about?

Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin: I don’t know nothing about him. I haven’t seen any video and the only thing I’ve seen is his name.

Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: Any closing comments before you weigh in?

Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin: I want all my fans to be there and I hope everyone can come out to support us. Thank you.

Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: Fantastic. Thanks a lot.

Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin: Thank you.

Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk
Contributing Writer & Photographer

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Boxing News Undefeated Hot Prospect Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin Ready For Ibarra Tonight