Brandon Rios and Robert Garcia: GGG beats Quillin and Cotto

Gennady Golovkin - Boxing News

In an interview with ESNEWS, top fighter Brandon Rios and his trainer Robert Garcia discussed the man at 160 lbs Gennady Golovkin. The first topic discussed was a matchup between Peter Quillin and Golovkin which prompted both Garcia and Rios to immediately go with Golovkin. Garcia then said that he had watched a lot of GGG’s recent performances and was impressed with his coordination and power, but saw that he was hittable and wondered how he would do against some of the better middleweights in the past. Rios also mentioned that he rated Martin Murray highly for taking his shots and putting in an impressive performance against Golovkin.


Timothy Bradley Vs Amir Khan perfect fight for May/Pac undercard?

Amir Khan - Boxing News

There has been plenty of discussion about what the Mayweather and Pacquiao undercard is going to hold, and what type of talent it is going to feature. Guesses range between no notable undercard names whatsoever to fights, which could really be there own card, as we saw with Garcia vs Matthysse. My opinion on the best possible fight to precede the main encounter would be Khan vs Bradley.

Sure there are better fights to be made in the sport such as a bout featuring red hot Brandon Rios or something featuring the powerful Marcos Maidana or even a spectacle between amateur legends Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux, but as far immediate affect on the division which includes the names Money May and the Pacman, this one would be ideal.


Ken – the father of Shawn Porter gives his top list for Golovkin opponents

Gennady Golovkin - Boxing News

Ken Porter started out the interview by saying that ‘we’ have some guys that could beat triple G. He explained by ‘we’ he meant American talents and then discussed a few potential names which could accomplish that kind of feat.
The first names he mentioned were fighters currently campaigning at 168lbs. Andre and his brother Anthony Dirrell. These are certainly two talented fighters, but aside from the fact they are not currently at Golovkins weight, I do not think they are big enough names to be on his radar. Golovkin and his team have said that they will move down to 154 for Mayweather, or up to 168 for a big fight, but when they said big fight I assumed they meant someone like Carl Froch or Andre Ward. Those names are the type which would raise his stock and expand his fan base. Whilst the Dirrells are talented boxers, do they really have the name associated with making the best fights in the world?


Gerald Washington – ‘Deontay Wilder and Klitschko better watch out’

Gerald Washington - Boxing News

Gerald Washington (15-0-0 11KO) spoke to FightHype recently and in the interview talked in depth about the heavyweight division today and what he sees happening. Washington is coming off of a first round stoppage of Mike Sheppard and is moving into this year looking for some breakout performances. He said that his goal was the world title and is looking to build his record to the point where that he is ready to challenge for it.

In the interview he discussed Wilders performance against Stiverne and seemed to be impressed by the performance. Wilder proved some doubters wrong in that fight, displaying good conditioning, heart, a chin, a jab, and most importantly, the ability to box for extended periods rather than just bang.


Alvarez vs Kirkland May 9 in Houston, Texas

James Kirkland, Saul Alvarez - Boxing News

The wait is over. Two of boxing’s toughest warriors, Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez and the Texas titan James “Mandingo Warrior” Kirkland will clash in a 12-round super welterweight showdown at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas on Saturday, May 9, 2015. Golden Boy Promotions, in association with Canelo Promotions, SMS Promotions and Leija*Battah Promotions will bring fans an explosive night of boxing when these two exciting warriors finally meet in this much anticipated match-up which will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.


Muhammad Ali: Portrait of a Champion – Book Excerpts

Muhammad Ali - Boxing History

An abstract portrait of legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali, uniquely composed of memories, anecdotes, interviews, personal encounters, insider stories, artwork, photos, sketches, etc. 220 pages.

Bob Foster (Ali opponent and former Light Heavyweight champion): “I was on the same card at Caesars with Muhammad Ali. He fought Jerry Quarry and I was fighting his brother Mike Quarry (billed as “The Quarry Brothers vs. The Soul Brothers”). Before the fights that night, Ali bet me $1,000 that he could stop Jerry Quarry before I could stop Mike. I said, ‘I’ll take that bet.’ Because I knew Ali couldn’t punch that hard. And Jerry was tough. I ended up winning the bet. I knocked Mike Quarry out with one shot. And Ali paid me too. ‘Cause he knew if he didn’t, I’d have kicked his ass, right there in Caesars Palace!”
Mrs. Deanna Dempsey (Wife of former Heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey): “We met Muhammad Ali in San Juan, Puerto Rico after he beat Jean-Pierre Coopman in 1976. He was young and handsome and vital and so full of life. After the fight, as he was coming down the steps from the ring, Ali spotted Jack and he said, ‘Mr. Dempsey, can I call you Jack?’ Jack said, ‘Everybody calls me Jack.’ Then Muhammad said, Oh Jack, you were the greatest!’ And Jack said, ‘But Muhammad, I thought you always said YOU were the greatest?’ Ali said, ‘Jack. When I say I’m the greatest, it’s all bullshit!'”


Floyd Mayweather Sr – ‘There is no way in the world Pacquiao can whoop Floyd’

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao - Boxing News

In an interview with ESNEWS the father and trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr said that Manny would be one of his sons easiest fights. When giving reasoning for his answer he said ‘look what he did to all of them.’ It’s true that Floyd has 47 good reasons why he is going to win this fight.

When asked to break down the fight Floyd Sr said ‘That’s a question that you already know, without asking me.’ Floyd said to the interviewer that the interviewer knew in his heart Floyd would win.

In this kind of case its obvious that the father and trainer of Floyd Mayweather is going to come down on his sons side, but at the same time this man also knows exactly what his son is capable of, even better than any of us.


Joe Goossen talks Mayweather Pacquiao

Trainer Joe Goossen took time out to talk the huge bout coming up in May. In an interview with ESNEWS he broke down the fight and gave his predictions.

He started out saying that Pacquiao had a ton of options. Many people when imaging this bout think of one aggressor (Pac) and one defender (May). However this doesn’t have to be the case as Manny is far more than a run of the mill pressure fighter. He can box, he can move, he has a good jab, the game plan doesn’t have to be “go forward and throw punches.” What makes Manny so much more of a threat compared to someone like Maidana is that he has a whole variety of talents.