2014/2015 Reviews & Previews: Ward, Broner, Maidana, Marquez, Thurman, Danny Garcia, & Kell Brook

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(Note: As part of a week long breakdown, boxing scribe Vivek “Vito” Wallace analyzes where today’s top fighters stand, and whether or not 2015 could be the year many of them fall. This week long analysis will cover over 30 fighters from around the world)


Throughout Boxing history we’ve seen drugs, alcohol, crime, and a host of other demons strip precious time away from distracted talents which they could never get back. In the case of Andre Ward, 2014 proved that even for a focused “Son of God” the ills of the sport can be far too much of a cross to bear. For Ward, a stiff game of politics has been more of a test outside the ring than his incredible talent ever allowed inside of it.


Talking Discrimination Blues In Boxing 2015

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I’m “a typical liberal with his head in the clouds,” my former barber once told me. Reductive labels aside, the simple truth is that I have no time for anyone who insults others based on ethnicity, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), sexuality, age, physical and mental differences, and so on. I’m not talking about political correctness. I’m talking about basic human decency. Back in 07, when said former barber told me he’d end his own life if “that nog Obama or that bitch Hillary” got the Democratic nomination, I stopped patronizing his business.

Imagine then how I digest a comment thread on any given boxing website. Rampant and various forms of discrimination – though they may be the oldest – aren’t the only problems plaguing our niche sport.


Jack Loew gives a shot in the arm to the Youngstown boxing scene

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For those who are unaware, the city of Youngstown has a rich tradition of boxing royalty. Former world champions and contenders Ray Mancini, Jeff Lampkin, Greg Richardson, Ernie Shavers, Harry Arroyo, and most recently Kelly Pavlik, all called the city in the upper right hand corner of the buckeye state home. In the past few years however, things have quieted down around the rust belt. That is until last month, when Kelly Pavlik’s former trainer, Jack Loew, promoted an eight bout card at St. Lucy’s Palermo Hall. All fights where scheduled for four rounds, all local prospects making their pro debut. In the main event lightweight Alejandro Salinas made quick work of his opponent, dispatching Chris Tanner in the first round. “Salinas has what it takes to be great,” states Loew emphatically.


Khan, Promoters and other views

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Boxing has become a careful “matching” event, where few fighters are protected from getting a loss or a beat down. This is because some promoters don’t want to lose the “zero defeat” status of their cash cows, or the fighters themselves are well aware of who they should not step into the ring with… coward, but a smart business move. Fighters often become a “shell” of themselves by getting into the wrong fights. We have witnessed this with Kelly Pavlik after facing Hopkins, Jeff Lacy after calling out Calzaghe and I believe we are seeing such symptoms in Danny Garcia after the Mathysse and Judah fights. My supporting argument for this claim can be seen in the fight against Mauricio Herrera. It was supposed to be a tune up fight, instead he struggled and many believe he actually lost that match.


2014/2015 – Reviews & Previews: Mayweather, Pacquiao, Cotto, Canelo, Bradley, Golovkin, & Khan!

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2014 will end as one of Mayweather’s more intriguing chapters of his 18 year career. After closing out 2013 with an amazing performance over Mexico’s Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Mayweather entered 2014 on a high. Unfortunately, a love life gone bad, assisted by other personal drama’s would only serve as a small subplot compared to what would unfold on the night of May 3rd, 2014. Mayweather would dig deep and create a path to victory, but a rugged performance by Maidana proved that even the great ones have reason to fear ‘father-time’.


Kell Brook’s next fight will be announced next week, says Hearn

Kell Brook - Boxing News

IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn says he’ll be announcing Brook’s next fight next week. Brook plans on fighting in March of 2015, and one possible opponent is his IBF mandatory challenger Jo Jo Dan (34-2, 18 KOs). This would enable Brook to take a nice stay busy fight because Dan has very little punching power to speak of, and he’s a big step down from Brook’s last opponent Shawn Porter.

Hearn says that he has some other fighters that he’s looking at as a potential opponent for Brook. However, Hearn seems to be leaning in the direction of making the Brook-Dan fight now. Hearn said that he’d like to try and match Brook with Floyd Mayweather Jr later in the year in September 2015.


Khan giving Mayweather to mid-January to start negotiations

Amir Khan, Floyd Mayweather Jr - Boxing News

Amir Khan is reportedly giving Floyd Mayweather Jr a deadline of mid-January to start the negotiation process or else he’ll start looking at other alternatives for his next fight. Khan has been waiting around for a fight with Mayweather since 2013, and he’s been largely ignored by the popular fighter.

That hasn’t stopped Khan from pursuing him for a fight, but it seems to have backfired because Mayweather has shown little interest in facing the 28-year-old Khan. Either Khan hasn’t been fighting the right guys that would make him a popular enough fighter to interest Mayweather, or there’s some other reason that Mayweather isn’t telling.


Cotto’s adviser says $40 million offer to fight Mayweather is false

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Gaby Penagaricano, the adviser for WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto, says that the rumor of Cotto receiving a $40 million offer to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr is false. There was no such offer made. On Sunday, there was a rumor that Mayweather’s adviser Al Haymon had offered Cotto $40 million to fight Mayweather next.

It was a crazy rumor because there was no way that an offer of that size would work given the huge $30 million+ that Mayweather typically gets for his fights. A rematch between Cotto and Mayweather wouldn’t bring in over 2 million buys like the Mayweather vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez fight, and it would be lucky to do more than 1 million pay-per-view buys, because a lot of boxing fans would likely not be interested in seeing a second fight between them.