Yet More Alphabelt Craziness As Tyson Fury – Otto Wallin Fight Will Be For Newly Created WBC Belt

In a year that saw the WBC create something called a Franchise Champion, we have yet more stuff that will basically confuse the average fight fan. The WBC have announced how two newly created belts will be on the line over Mexican Independence Day weekend, with the Tyson Fury Vs. Otto Wallin heavyweight fight having a WBC Mayan Belt at stake, along with the Jaime Munguia Vs. Patrick Allotey 154 pound fight also having a Mayan Belt set aside for the winner.

Of course, a fan is going to ask, what on earth is a Mayan Belt? Well, in light of how there is usually a big, big fight going down over the Mexican holiday – usually with superstar Canelo Alvarez seeing action – the WBC are making an effort at making the two above listed fights bigger, more meaningful affairs.

As per WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman:

“These belts are tremendous works of art which has Mexico’s heart in it. And whoever wins them will take them home and cherish them for the rest of their lives. It is a piece of history for eternity.”

But critics, such as WBO president Paco Valcarcel, have disagreed; quite passionately.

“What the hell are these people from another sanctioning body doing handing out copper and silver Mayan pearl studded aluminium Aztec belts in bouts sponsoured by other organizations, to contenders who don’t really care about these palooka belts. This needs to stop, enough already,” Valcarcel wrote on social media.

It’s tough to disagree with Valcarcel. The Fury-Wallin fight, seen by many as merely a “keep busy” fight for Fury (who of course insists on calling himself the lineal heavyweight king) before his expected return clash with WBC champ (the real one) Deontay Wilder. While the Munguia-Allotey fight will see Munguia defend his WBO 154 pound title. No wonder Valcarcel is offended.

And now wonder fight fans, casual and otherwise, are more confused then they have ever been. Has there ever been a time when as many “championship” belts were up for grabs?