Will The Mike Tyson – Jake Paul Bout Be A Real Fight Or An Exhibition?

By James Slater - 03/12/2024 - Comments

It seems absolutely everyone has an opinion on the recently announced Mike Tyson Vs. Jake Paul fight. And, it’s fair to say, most folks are not very pleased about this one – a fight that will see a 58 year old, sometimes wheelchair-using (for sciatica) weed-smoking former great going up against a 27 year old YouTuber who has still to convince many people that he can actually fight.

Tyson will get hurt, say some. Paul will hurt the sport by hurting Tyson, say others. Not too many people are in-between on this one. But will it be a real fight at The AT&T Stadium in Texas in July? Recently, two people have chimed in with differing info – these being Derek Chisora and journalist Ariel Helwani.

Chisora said to Radio Rahim how he has heard the bout will be an exhibition affair, with the two men wearing head guards and 18oz gloves.

“I know for a fact they are using 18oz gloves and head guards – if I’m not mistaken,” Chisora said. “I think so. So we’re watching a sparring match. It’s a f***** joke. You think I’m paying to watch that?”

Countering what “War” had to say, Helwani said there will be no head gear worn, the fight to be “like your typical boxing match.”

“Is it pro or exhibition? They want pro, but that’s up to the Texas Commission,” Helwani said on The MMA Hour. “Weight? I’m told heavyweight. Rounds? I’m working on that as well. I saw an interview with Derek Chisora where he said there would be headgear. I was told there’s absolutely no headgear involved. This is going to look like your typical boxing match. It’s just like, [will it be an] exhibition like Mike’s last fight against Roy Jones? Or is it going to be a normal, pro heavyweight fight that has no strings attached in that regard?”

Whatever this fight turns out to be, exhibition or sanctioned fight, there are so many people who think it will inevitably give the sport one big black eye. That said, with the fight going out on Netflix, many millions are sure to tune in on July 20th. Whether you like it or not, this one will be big. Above all, however, let’s hope neither guy winds up getting seriously hurt.

How much has Tyson got left? How much has Paul actually got?