Will Deontay Wilder Fight Again? Will Ayahuasca Really Help Him Make Up His Mind!

By James Slater - 02/14/2022 - Comments

As fans know, Deontay Wilder has come out with some pretty odd and bizarre statements over the years: “I want a body on my record,” Wilder’s myriad claims of having been cheated, in numerous ways, by Tyson Fury, and other weird stuff. But Wilder may have gone a step further with his latest comment regarding a psychedelic drug and the fact that he is considering taking it as a way to decide if he will carry on with his boxing career or not.

Speaking on the Byron Scott podcast, the former long-reigning WBC heavyweight champ said he is thinking about taking the drug Ayahuasca in an effort to make up his mind; or have his mind made up for him.

“I’m thinking about doing Ayahuasca. That’s gonna be my decision-making process,” Wilder said. “Boxing’s put a bad taste because of what it’s done to me. It’s dangerous, politics, cheating…..I still have love for the sport though.”

It seems Wilder, 42-2-1(41) may never fully accept that fact that he was twice fairly beaten by Tyson Fury. Wilder, though, did earn plenty of fan respect and admiration due to the simply heroic effort he gave on October 9 of last year, in the trilogy battle with Fury. If that is to go down as Wilder’s final fight, then he certainly did go out with a massive bang; the 11 round slugfest being one of the greatest heavyweight wars ever.

I don’t know anything about the drug Ayahuasca, maybe you do, but the idea of taking it in an effort to decide something so important doesn’t seem like such a great idea. But fans do want to see wilder back in action. Genuinely exciting every time out, win, lose or draw, Wilder sure gave us some thrills and some huge KO’s. At age 36 he may be done; we do not know how much that third fight with Fury took out of him (or took out of Fury, come to that).

But if he does come back, and if he can get back to scoring chilling knockouts, Wilder will add so much to the heavyweight division. It’s his call, with or without the aid of Ayahuasca.

Some of the guys we’d love to see Wilder fight:

Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua (still, no matter what happens in an Oleksandr Usyk-Joshua II)

Joseph Parker (this has been touted as a possible comeback fight for Wilder)

The Fury-Dillian Whyte winner

Joe Joyce.