Wilder vs. Ortiz & Dirrell vs. Uzcategui weights & quotes

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WBC Heavyweight World Championship

Deontay Wilder – 214 ¾ pounds
Luis Ortiz – 241 ¼ pounds

Referee: David Fields; Judges: Glenn Feldman (Conn.), Kevin Morgan (N.Y.), Carlos Ortiz (N.Y.

Interim IBF Super Middleweight World Championship

Andre Dirrell – 167 ¾ pounds
Jose Uzategui – 166 pounds

Referee: Ricky Gonzalez; Judges: Bernard Bruni (Penn.), Tony Paolillo (N.Y.), Robin Taylor (N.Y.)



“I’m going to let the world know that the weight don’t mean a thing; it’s all mental at the end of the day. Like I’ve said, I’d rather be the part than look the part. I’ve said many a time that I put these guys on their ass, and that’s what I come to do Saturday night. Over and over again all my guys have out-weighed me. So that’s nothing compared to where I came from, and nothing compared to where I’m going come Saturday night. You’re all in for a treat and I can’t wait.

“On paper he’s looked good against the opposition he’s faced, but he’s never faced a Bronze Bomber; he’s never faced a guy who has more killer instinct than him. He’s never faced a guy who wants to just rip his head off, and I do mean rip his head off!

“I am the best and I’m ready to show on Saturday night that I’m the best in the world.”

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“Our training camp was prepared for whatever Deontay Wilder was going to bring into the ring, whether it was a runner, or a puncher – whatever he wants to do we have trained for it so there’s no problem.

“You have to adapt and make changes come fight night, and I’m prepared to do that and I’m experienced to do that. I’ve been waiting my whole career to do this as a pro and as an amateur this is something I never dreamed I would do, and I’m not losing tomorrow. “


“I just saw a piece of meat, and I’m hungry.

“The IBF demanded this. There were two wrongs from the last fight and I was hit after the bell, and he was hit after the bell. The IBF wanted to right that wrong and this is the only way to do so. He deserves this shot and I deserve this shot. It’s going to be a better fight this time around.

“It’s all about what [new trainer] Virgil [Hunter] has done with my mind. The ability is there, as we all know. We’ve perfected that. And we’ve changed the mind this time, as well.

“We all know that Jose Uzcategui is a fighter in full; that boy can throw, but that’s just not going to be enough come fight night.”

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“The ref will not have to intervene; I’ll knock him out quicker this time.”

“Maybe if Virgil Hunter gets in the ring too because that’s the only way they’re going to win is if the corner gets in the rings. Because that’s the only way they will get the win.”

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