Who has the most to lose on September 15: GGG or Canelo?

We all know it’s a must-win fight, a crunch fight, a career defining fight for both men – but who has the most to lose on September 15: Gennady Golovkin or Canelo Alvarez? Who has the most on the line and really, truly, honestly, absolutely needs the victory?

On one hand, Canelo, he of the two well-publicized failed drugs tests, has to win so as to restore his good name (and even then, a win might not do it in everyone’s eyes). I can just hear the critics now should the Mexican superstar lose – ‘Yeah, he can only win the big fights when he’s juicing!’

Yes, Canelo has to win the rematch if he’s to get back on top – in world championship status as well as in terms of fan favour – no doubt about it. Then again, should Canelo drop, say, a close decision after a great fight where both men give their all, he is, at age 27, young enough to be able to come again.

What about the 36 year old Golovkin? Should Triple-G lose in Vegas, where does he go? To the back of the line in terms of getting a shot at regaining his world titles, that’s where. Unless Canelo, if victorious, agrees to the rubber-match (and, as much as he and his promoter/good friend Oscar De La Hoya despise Golovkin right now – and vice-versa – don’t bet on it) GGG could indeed find himself being frozen out. As great as he is, why would any new champion want to face Golovkin if he didn’t have to? Age is against GGG, and if he did lose in September it could prove to be an almost impossibly long and hard road back to the top.

So who does have the most on the line in the World Awaits (an apt tag-line for this fight) sequel? It’s a tough one, as will be the fight itself. Canelo has said he simply cannot afford to lose. Golovkin has said the exact same thing. Both men know it, all-right.

Let’s just hope we do get a winner on September 15. Fans can’t afford to see another raw draw.