Who Has The Greater Wins – Pacquiao Or Mayweather?

08/16/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

It’s been a hot topic for some time and it likely will be for a good many years to come: who is the greater fighter, Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather? Or, who has the greatest string of ring victories out of the two? As we know, Mayweather defeated Pacquiao, in a dull fight, back in May of 2015, so to many people the question of who the greater fighter of the two is is an easy and straightforward one to answer.

However, to others, it’s not that simple. Pacquiao was carrying a shoulder injury when he fought Mayweather. Also, did Pacquiao fight and defeat more in-their-prime, at their best fighters than Mayweather did? According to trainer Freddie Roach (who is of course going to be somewhat biased) this is indeed the case.

Freddie spoke with Betway, and he made his case for his fighter having had a greater run of victories than Floyd had.

“Manny is one of the greatest fighters of all time. Look at the roster of Hall of Famers he beat when they were still at their peak, and many were world champions when he fought them,” Freddie said to the betting website. “Taking nothing away from Floyd [Mayweather], no one ever beat him, but if you did a little digging into when he fought a lot of them, I think you will see a difference overall in the quality of Manny’s victories.”

There is no doubt, Mayweather and Pacquiao each fought and defeated some great fighters, but did Mayweather perhaps wait until one or more of the greats he fought were past their best? It’s basically down to opinion and nothing more. On one hand, Mayweather beat a fresher Oscar De La Hoya than Pacquiao did. On the other hand, Pacquiao faced a fresher Miguel Cotto than Mayweather did.

Again, this is a debate that isn’t likely to go away any time soon. Who do YOU think is the greater fighter – Manny or Floyd?

16 thoughts on “Who Has The Greater Wins – Pacquiao Or Mayweather?”

  1. Manny made more tough fighters quit on the stool and gave way better knockouts , not to mention he never hand-picked or ran in the ring even from guys that were much bigger than him.

  2. Without a doubt mayweather. Plus he beat manny and if manny’s shoulder was bad he should of fixed it first than fought. I like manny better but facts are fact and truth is truth. Mayweather by far!

  3. Mayweather beat more champions than Manny and he did not have a shoulder injury. quit if you like pacman just say so.

  4. Manny been stopped bad! Knocked unconscious and stopped with a body shot! How can he be the greatest? How many fight did sugar ray robinson win before a lose?

  5. Manny’s career more credible than Floyd Jr’s. Floyd protected his zero cherry picking his opponents with big names catching them past their prime and too many wars. So he made more money, and is so insecure he can’t stand showing us all his bling, his cars, his gambling receipts, his sponge baths. Manny fought the best of the best multiple times in their prime. That’s credible.

  6. Pacquiao. Being an undefeated fighter for a longtime has been done many times before, but being an 8 division champ will be hard to equal or surpass.

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