Pacquiao Talks About Casimero’s Win Over Rigondeaux

By James Slater - 08/16/2021 - Comments

Pac: “A Good Win But His Opponent Didn’t Want To Fight Him, It Was Like Manny Pacquiao-Mayweather”

Superstar Manny Pacquiao puts the final touches on his training prep for Saturday night’s fight with Yordenis Ugas. As usual, today, there was a mob of media people all trying to get one last usable quote out of the 42-year-old living legend.

Manny, as patient with the media as any superstar fighter you could care to mention, must be sick of being asked the same questions over and over again. Yet, Manny was polite and accommodating once again.

Fight Hype was there to catch a few minutes with the all-time great, and Manny came out with a great line. As fans know, Pac Man has never been disrespectful to any of his opponents; either past or upcoming (even Adrian Broner, acting like a real jerk ahead of his January 2019 fight with Pacquiao, never received any return fire trash-talk from Manny) – yet today, he couldn’t help prodding Floyd Mayweather with a sly dig.

Pacquiao was asked his opinion on countryman John Riel Casimero’s win over Guillermo Rigondeaux at the weekend. As fans know, the fight was a most dull affair, with some boxing people calling it one of the most embarrassing and boring fights ever. Pacquiao congratulated Casimero on the win, but he added how “his opponent did not want to fight him, it was like Manny Pacquiao-Mayweather.”

It’s true the Mayweather-Pacquiao so-called “Fight of the Century” was also a dull affair, perhaps on a par with Casimero’s frustrating night with Rigondeaux. Mayweather may have been masterful at times when he fought Pacquiao, but “Money” sure didn’t look to engage that night. Pacquiao was not on top of his game himself, but he did try and press the fight.

Pacquiao Talks About Casimero's Win Over Rigondeaux

Let’s see if Mayweather has any reaction to Pacquiao’s verbal pop at him, which was a line that got plenty of laughs from the gathered media. Pacquiao has rarely been in a boring fight, the Mayweather affair easily being the most notable exception (with the Joshua Clottey fight also proving to be a “run job” from Manny’s opponent). Let’s hope Pacquiao-Ugas turns out to be a good fight on Saturday. Ugas is a fine boxer, yet he himself has been known to hear the boos from the fans.

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