What Was Your Favourite Pacquiao Fight?

Manny Makes It Official And Announces Retirement!

We were told by key members of Manny Pacquiao’s team not to believe the all-time great has actually retired until it comes from Manny himself. Well, as many fight fans are most likely aware by now, Manny HAS made it official. Just weeks shy of his 43rd birthday in December, the incredible former multi-weight king has announced he has “heard the final bell.”

An emotional Pacquiao took to his official Facebook page to release a video message in which he describes making “the hardest decision I’ve ever made.” Classy as ever, Manny thanks his millions of fans and he encourages each and every one of us to “chase your dreams, work hard and see what happens.”

Right now, many, many tributes are pouring in, with many writers, fighters, pundits and fight fans paying their respects to this simply unique fighter. Pac-Man goes out with an amazing, 62-8-2(39) record.

So what was your favourite Manny Pacquiao fight? What IS your favourite Manny Pacquiao fight? There are of course, many, many great fights to choose from. Manny won his first world title at flyweight, and he went on to rule at super-bantamweight, featherweight, super-featherweight, lightweight, light-welterweight, welterweight and light-middleweight. But what is YOUR highlight, your most cherished Pacquiao fight?

Maybe it’s the 2003 destruction job Pacquiao did on the great Marco Antonio Barrera? Maybe it’s one of his epic rumbles with fierce rival Juan Manuel Marquez? Maybe it’s the Oscar De La Hoya fight, where Manny shocked the world and became a universal star? Maybe it’s the simply excellent fight Pacquiao had with Miguel Cotto? Who could forget the electrifying KO Pac-Man scored when he fought Ricky Hatton? A fight fan could go on and on.

Maybe it’s unfair to ask for just one fight when asking a Manny Pacquiao fans to pick their favourite fight from his 72-fight pro career. What we all know for certain is this: we will miss Pacquiao and we will never see a fighter quite like him ever again.

“Good bye boxing,” Manny says in his video.

Will Pacquiao miss boxing or will boxing miss Pacquiao? Probably both.