Video: Muhammad Ali – Top 5 Notable Wins

Muhammad Ali is universally recognized as one of the absolute greatest heavyweight champions of all time, and not without good reason. Ali’s resume and accomplishments speak for themselves, and indeed, many observers actually consider Ali to be the greatest heavyweight during the long rich history of boxing’s marquee weight class. Some dissenting voices might prefer Joe Louis, and others might favor one of the more modern so-called “super heavyweights”, but by and large Ali is a name frequently cited for the top spot.

So it seemed fitting to begin this new “Top 5 Notable Wins” series by starting with the great Muhammad Ali. And with Ali’s case, his 5 biggest signature victories generally tend to be agreed upon – something that is not always the case with many boxers, where individual taste and personal preference factor in heavily. While these five wins alone certainly do not define the entirety of Muhammad Ali’s career or greatness – these are victories that largely help define his greatness by highlighting some of his career’s signature moments.

This edition of Rummy’s Corner will provide a brief chronological recap of Muhammad Ali’s five most notable victories during his long and illustrious career. This will be the first video edition of a new ongoing series that will evaluate the top five notable victories of some of the most famous and successful pugilists who ever laced up the gloves and stepped inside the squared circle. There are no shortage of great champions in boxing history, and the early focus of this new series will primarily focus on heavyweight greats of the past. But we will also ultimately be exploring a slew of other champions from various different weight classes.

To get one man’s opinion on the 5 most notable victories of the career of the great Muhammad Ali, please watch and enjoy the video, and please stay tuned for future editions of the “Top 5 Notable Wins” series.

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