Vasyl Lomachenko likes the idea of fighting in a WBSS tourney: It would make it possible to win all of the belts in one big swoop

By James Slater - 12/27/2017 - Comments

As he waits for his next fight, a big one he hopes, pound-for-pound NO.1 Vasyl Lomachenko is open to quite a few possibilities. While the southpaw sensation has posted a fan poll on his official twitter page, asking who he should fight next in fan opinion, “Hi-Tech” is also thinking about other options.

One that has piqued the reigning WBO 130 pound champ’s interest is his taking part in a World Boxing Super Series tournament should another one take place, and at a weight class that would be suitable to the two-weight champion.

“It depends on what the weights are,” Lomachenko told Ukrainian Sport on the subject of his taking part in a WBSS tournament (as picked up by “If it’s a weight in which I’m boxing in, then of course it will be interesting to me because it would make it possible to win all of the belts in one big swoop. This is what we want – what I’ve been striving for for many years.”

As fight fans know, the ongoing WBSS tournaments at both super-middlewight and cruiserweight have proven a hit with boxing fans the world over. It seems further WBSS tournaments will take place, and wouldn’t it be great if one took place at, say 130, 135 or even 140 – meaning Lomachenko would be able to take part? Getting the remaining seven fighters needed to close out the field would perhaps prove to be somewhat problematic – as it is, no-one really seems to want to risk not only losing to Lomachenko but being embarrassed by him – but such a tournament would certainly be quite something if it actually happened.

It just goes to show the complete faith Lomachenko has in his own abilities, and the sheer desire he has to land the big and meaningful fights, that the 10-1(8) star is hoping for such a tournament to come around. What are the odds Lomachenko makes at least one of his rivals quit on their stool should such a tournament take place?